Nursing Assistant Training Still a Reliable Path to Earnings

In the past couple of days, there have been some very interesting stories about how people got creative with strategies for earning money.  Consider this story of a college student who made a banner with a QR code leading to his Bitcoin wallet and held it up in front of the TV cameras covering a college sports event.  Within hours, people had electronically deposited more than $22,000 in Bitcoins (a new online currency) into his account.  Or look at this wild tale of a good samaritan who wanted to spread some holiday cheer by launching a thousand one-dollar bills from the top balcony of a large shopping mall, making it “snow money” onto surprised shoppers below.

Well, you can either come up with a brilliant scheme like the Bitcoin banner fellow, or wait around for another holiday angel to make it literally rain money (incidentally, the holiday angel was arrested for his efforts).  Or, you can do something much more likely to yield financial benefits and study nursing assistant training with us here at the Allen School.  Once you’ve earned your certified nurse assistant certificate, you’ll be able to earn a solid salary all year round and pretty much anywhere you’d like to work and live.

Giving Thanks for Health Care Schools

Taking the opportunity this Thanksgiving to reflect on all the many ways in which we’re blessed as Americans, this blogger would like to focus specific gratitude to you, Allen School students.

Following a career in the service of others and the delivery of compassionate care is a selfless life path.  Health care schools like Allen School are places where people with a true passion for easing the suffering of their fellow man go to learn how to be exceptional care givers.  It takes a special kind of person to select this field of work.  I for one am exceptionally thankful for all the medical assistants,  nursing assistants, doctors, nurses and paramedics who take care of all of us, often in the times of our most acute need.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all Allen School students, faculty and staff.  Wishing everyone peace, joy and a turkey-induced food coma!

Certified Nurse Assistants, Promote the Flu Shot

The Fall is upon us and soon enough it will be Winter time.  That means freezing temps (here in the Northeast), being confined to close quarters indoors, and the more easy spread of influenza.  Every year, as the flu season approaches, nursing assistants, doctors and all manner of healthcare professionals urge patients to prepare by getting their annual flu shot to guard against infection.  And every year, there are those who fail to heed the warnings for an array of reasons.  Many of these folks find themselves wishing they’d listened as they suffer the grueling effects of the flu.

If you’ve already earned your nursing assistant certification from the Allen School (or if you’re close to completing the program and about to enter the workforce), you ought to be prepared to knock down the common arguments patients make when declining the shot.  Dodges like, “I’m healthy” and “I don’t want the shot because it will make me sick” are only some of the regular rebuttals.  “It’s not covered by my insurance” is another oldie but goodie.  Read this piece from US News and World Report for the full list and the simple arguments against these positions.

Medical Assisting Means Knowing About Public Health Concerns

As a future medical assistant, you’re on the road to joining a career field that has the dual benefits of producing a good living for you as well as helping ease the pain and suffering of your fellow man/woman.  Part of being effective, aside from choosing a good medical assistant school is keeping abreast of public health concerns.  This is because as a medical assistant, you’ll be faced daily with the ramifications of public health issues.  This may take the form of outbreaks of communicable diseases like influenza, or the proliferation of new and dangerous illicit drugs that emerge into the community.

One such unpredictable health risk comes in the form of food poisoning.  For example, from time to time, there will be instances of tainted meat, like the E. Coli contaminated beef being recalled this week.  Knowing about such outbreaks can help medical staff more quickly identify the symptoms of patients who come in afflicted by such instances of contaminated foods.  Do you pay attention to these kinds of stories in the media?

Presidential Wisdom for Allen School Students

Happy President’s Day to all you students of medical billing and coding, certified nursing assistants training and medical office assistants training.  Today we celebrate the greatest leaders of our American history.  Here are a few choice quotes from presidents past which have relevance to your choice to study at the Allen School:

“Be sure to put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Believe that you can and you’re halfway there.”  – Theodore Roosevelt

“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” – Dwight Eisenhower

“If you’re walking down the right path, and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually, you’ll make progress.”  – Barack Obama

See a full slideshow of inspirational, presidential quotes here.

Super Bowl Study Break for Medical Office Assistant Trainees

Well, you needn’t be studying to become a medical office assistant strictly.  The following also applies to all Allen School students who may be taking CNA training or studying online for medical billing and coding certification.  While it is certainly a good deal of work studying to be a medical office assistant, CNA or billing and coding pro, it is healthy to take some well-deserved time for a study break.  With Super Bowl 47 set to take place this coming Sunday, there is no better excuse for logging off, whipping up a batch of guacamole and chicken wings, and hanging out with a group of friends to watch the big game (and also the ridiculous TV commercials).  Yes, its true there are no local teams in the big game this year.  San Francisco versus Baltimore.  But its entirely plausible that Allen School graduates working as medical office assistants, CNAs or billing and coding professionals may well reside in Baltimore or San Fran.  After all, part of the reason to work towards these career positions is the ability to become more upwardly mobile.  And with these positions in high demand, those possessing them can pretty much choose to live and work wherever they want.  So keep up the good studies, but take some time this weekend for some FOOTBALL!

We Stand With Sandy Hook Elementary and Newtown CT

From everyone at the Allen School Blog, we’d like to offer our deepest and most sincere condolences to all the families of those left behind in the wake of the senseless and unconscionable tragedy that took place in Newtown on Friday.  There is nothing that anyone can say to undo what evil has wrought in this community and in our broader American community.  At this time, please know that our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with you in this darkest hour.

12/12/12 Concert Demonstrates How New York Helps Its Own

You’re studying to be a certified nurse assistant, so you’re already the kind of person that, by nature, is driven to help people in need.  And you’re studying to earn your CNA certification with Allen School, an organization with deep roots in the New York metropolitan area.  This is an area also known for denizens who go out of their way to help each other in times of need.  Never has this been more apparent (at least not since the tragedy of 9/11) than during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Thousands of certified nursing assistants, doctors, nurses, firemen, police and first responders continue to work overtime helping those most impacted by the brutal storm and the devastation it left in its wake.  Hundreds of thousands more regular, ordinary New Yorkers have also spent countless man-hours helping folks demolish and rebuild damaged houses, collect and distribute food and clothing and all other manner of efforts in support of recovery.

Last night, the musical and performing arts community came together at Madison Square Garden to put on a benefit concert billed (as the date would imply) as the 12/12/12 relief concert.  This outpouring of love and support for the people of the NY metro area on the part of our favorite musicians, comedians and actors was humbling.  From local boys turned global stars like Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi, to British rockers The Rolling Stones, Clapton, the Who and Roger Waters, the event was truly the boost New Yorkers needed to continue to slog through difficult recovery.  Dig this awesome slide show of shots from the event. Did you see any of it on the Tee Vee?  Or were any of our CNA training students perchance in the audience at the Garden?  Share your reviews of this event in the comments!

Never Forget!

Students of medical billing and coding, certified nursing assistant training and the medical office assistant program at Allen School’s ground campuses all have one thing in common: they are all located in and around the New York City area.  As New Yorkers, we stand in solemn memory of all those whose lives were cruelly extinguished on this day eleven years ago.  To all the first responders, firemen and women, police men and women and medical professionals who served with valor on that fateful day, and especially to those whose lives were sacrificed in the rescue of others, we offer our most grateful salute.  Let us never forget the bravery and selflessness of these folks during one of our nation’s darkest hours and spend the day today in thought and prayer for those who lost loved ones to this despicable act of cowardice and violence.  For those of you studying to be nursing assistants, medical office assistants or any member of the medical industry workforce, take a page from these brave heroes and apply it to all your future dealings with patients over the duration of your careers.  We at the Allen School Blog will never forget the heroes of 9/11!

The Labor of CNAs, Medical Office Assistants and Billing and Coding Pros

This weekend we celebrated Labor Day, honoring the contributions of working men and women nationwide.  Labor is the lifeblood of the US economy and the engine for economic growth that has been the envy of the world.  For those of you entering the career world with a new CNA certificate, or medical office assistant training certificate or as a newly minted billing and coding specialist, you will immediately be earning and contributing to the economy.  The work you will do will provide you with earnings you’ll use to spend into the economy thereby driving increasing demand.  As we took time out this weekend to remember those who worked on some of our largest societal achievements – bridges, dams, highways, railways, energy grids and more – let’s also reflect on the good works done in the field of medicine.  Not only do medical office workers add to the economic might of the country, but they also contribute to the health and wellness of all Americans which is also a very lofty calling.   So here’s to all of us workers who keep this country moving forward.  Happy Labor Day.