Healthcare Training School Ain’t for Endangered Species

healthcare training schools don't turn out endangered species

Healthcare training schools don’t turn out endangered species!

So, what do mail carriers, farmers, meter readers, newspaper reporters, travel agents, lumberjacks, flight attendants, drill press operators, printing workers and tax collectors have in common?  They’re all endangered species.  Yes, that’s right.  These ten jobs top the list of the most endangered occupations by Forbes magazine.  Notice that many of these jobs have a commonality – paper.  Yep, the mailman, the lumberjack, newspaperman, printer and others all serve industries where paper – and the decreasing use of which – is being phased out.  You know who’s not on the list?  Jobs that you can enter after completing healthcare training school.  Not least of which is online medical billing and coding which is done electronically, thereby decreasing even more the need for paper!  Below is the list from Forbes.  You should be commended for deciding on healthcare training school to pursue a career in a field that is most definitely NOT  endangered.

Median Salary: $53,100
Hiring Outlook: -28%

Median Salary: $69,300
Hiring Outlook: -19%

Median Salary: $36,410
Hiring Outlook: -19%

Median Salary: $37,090
Hiring Outlook: -13%

Median Salary: $34,600
Hiring Outlook: -12%

Median Salary: $24,340
Hiring Outlook: -9%

Median Salary: $37,240
Hiring Outlook: -7%

Median Salary: $32,950
Hiring Outlook: -6%

Median Salary: $34,100
Hiring Outlook: -5%

Median Salary: $50,440
Hiring Outlook: -4%

Killer Android Voice Recorder Good for Medical Assistant Training

voice-recordingLectures and classroom discussions are often chock full of dense, idea-rich content.  Especially in healthcare training schools where medical assistant training and other detailed classes are held.  If you’re like me, you cannot possibly take comprehensive notes quickly enough.  Or if you do, you’ve focused so much mental energy on transcribing, that you’re not actually listening to the point being made by the instructor.  Then the exercise becomes reading your notes at a later time and trying to piece together the broader points being made in the class.

Here’s the solution!  The Cogi voice recording app for Android phones – as reviewed by the keen minds at – provides the most amazing functionality you’ll find in voice recorders today.  You can use it record the lecture, or if you’re studying medical coding online with Allen School, you can use it to record conference calls, Skype sessions, you name it!

I have been using a similar product for years to record business calls, lectures and other public speaking events.  I recently upgraded to the Cogi app (disclosure: I am NOT being paid by nor have I any relation to the producers of Cogi) and couldn’t be more pleased not only with the sound quality of the recording but also with the convenient controls it offers.  Have a look at the Lifehacker review then do yourself a favor and download it.  Best of all, its FREE!

Unless You’re Taking Medical Billing Classes Online, You’d Benefit from This

If you’re studying medical billing classes online with the Allen School, you’re fortunate in that it is much easier for you to avoid the inclement weather.  Be it heavy summer thunderstorm downpours or freezing winter winds and snow, the online student can watch the forecast on TeeVee in the morning and simply opt to stay inside all day while studying.

If you’re taking any of the healthcare training classes offered at Allen School ground campuses in the New York Metro area, you’re not as lucky.  The chances you’ll be caught in iffy weather are far higher.  But fret not!  There are numerous weather forecasting apps you can download into your mobile device whether it be an iPhone or an Android phone.  The video below looks at the best apps for both platforms – free and paid.  Enjoy, and stay cool and dry!

Healthcare Training School Students, Eat a Solid Breakfast

breakfast2It has often been referred to as “the most important meal of the day”.  Breakfast, or the meal wherein you break the overnight fast you undertake every night while you sleep, is a crucial meal.  Especially for students.  All studies show that having a solid, well balanced meal in the morning provides you with the energy and mental acuity you need to be your best; whether you’re going to work or to school.

Whether you’re taking advantage of healthcare training school by studying online or on the physical campus, you’ll need a solid start to your day so that you can get the most out of your study time.  However, it isn’t always convenient to make breakfast.  Grabbing some fast food item is probably a worse option than having  no breaky at all.  So I thought students here might be interested in the following information.

Now, I am not a healthcare training school, and neither am I a foodservice training school.  But I did read this neat post on Buzzfeed about 25 easy breakfasts to make – jump-starting your day.  Read the nifty list here and although you may not have some of the ingredients just laying around in your kitchen, I am confident there is at least one or two of these recipes that you could make right now with the items in your fridge and cabinets.

Medical Billing Classes Online? Or Medical Assisting Training on Campus?

subwayHere’s one criteria you may use to determine whether you’re more suited to studying medical billing classes online with the Allen School, or taking medical assisting training on one of their NYC area campuses.   Two words for you:  Subway & Acrobats!

If you live in the NY Metro area and you ride the subway, you’re no doubt acquainted with the amateur acrobats who sometimes come through the cars making impromptu performances of physical prowess, using the handrails and poles as gymnastic equipment.  Recently, NYPD has begun enforcing the rules prohibiting these performers from twirling, flying and catapulting themselves around the cars, apparently endangering other riders.  This prohibition on acrobatics though, will not stem the flow of other “street talent” using the subway platforms as their stage.  From magicians to musicians, poets to rappers and every other kind of artists, you’re still bound to be treated to a show on steel wheels while you’re bound for work or school.

So, if you applaud the crackdown on subway acrobatics and find most train-based public performance an unbearable annoyance, perhaps you’d prefer to study medical billing classes online with the Allen School and avoid the daily shows in the tube.  If you think the acrobats and all the other subway performers are an interesting part of the social fabric, then you may prefer to study medical assisting training on Allen School campuses in the NYC area, taking the “E” train to school (that’s “E” for Entertainment).

Completed Medical Billing Classes Online? Learn How to Ace Job Interviews Online

medical billing classes online lead to job interviews online

Don’t listen to the overconfident baby. Pants are NOT optional during a Skype job interview!

So you’re no rookie.  You’ve recently completed your medical billing classes online with the Allen School.  You’re ready to take your new education out for a spin through the job marketplace.

It probably won’t surprise you to learn then, that much of the “legwork” involved in running down promising jobs and then negotiating first, second and third interviews doesn’t actually require the use of your legs anymore.  Just like the education process, the hiring process has also been largely transitioned over to the online space.  Even the second or third interview – the “face-to-face” – may be convened using Skype or other popular webcam sharing apps.

Did you know that there are new and exciting ways to blow the job interview using this exciting technology?  Of course you did!  But for those who may not be as savvy, let’s take a look at this “Ultimate Guide to Acing the Skype Job Interview” courtesy of the nice folks over at Skype.  It has some suggestions that I would hope would be common sense such as, “Make sure you’re wearing pants”. (?!?)

There are other good tips here for maximizing your opportunities through technology while job hunting.  And, if you’re not hip to Skype, you should definitely check it out!

Medical Technology – From Online Medical Billing Classes to Neural Bypass

online medical billing classes leverage technology for your gainTechnology has always been at the forefront of medical advancements and never more so than it is today.   Consider the recent advance in neural bypass technology wherein neurosurgeons successfully connected the brain of a paralyzed man to his muscles using an innovative medical breakthrough known as “Neurobridge” technology.

From a Live Science article which I recommend reading for its amazing content, “Neurobridge reroutes brain signals. The system combines a computer chip implanted in the brain, a brain-computer interface, and a sleeve that transmits electrical signals to the patient’s forearm and hand.”

Breakthroughs such as this – helping the paralyzed to move again of their own volition – are one of the many reasons why a career in the medical field is such a rewarding one.  And while it doesn’t approach the same level of wonder, technology is also instrumental in helping to produce class after class of medical billing and coding specialists.  Allen School’s online medical billing classes enable busy people to complete their certification from the comfort of their own home or any other internet connected location they may choose.

7 Ways to Blow the Nursing Assistant Job Interview

7 ways to blow the nursing assistant job interviewGetting your nursing assistant certification with the Allen School prepares you to enter into an exciting field with plenty of opportunity in every corner of the USA.  Yet, nursing assistant education may not fully include the information you need to perform well in the job interview process.  Aside from the placement assistance offered by Allen School to nursing assistant graduates, there are many insider secrets known by those who have successfully landed jobs in this field and in others.

Alison Green at US News and World Report published a great list of 7 mistakes many people make when preparing for a job interview.  Putting forth the effort to land an interview is difficult.  Don’t torpedo your chances before you even sit down in the hiring manager’s office.  Here is a synopsis of the list of 7 ways to blow the nursing assistant job interview.  However, I strongly suggest you read the whole article here for details.

1. Not researching the company
2. Not looking up your interviewers on LinkedIn
3. Not checking to see if you have any connections in common
4. Not practicing your answer to common interview questions
5. Not figuring out how you’ll talk about the topics that most worry you
6. Not preparing to talk about salary
7. Not coming up with your own questions for your interviewer


Your Kids’ School’s Out but Nursing Assistant Schools Aren’t – Keep ‘Em Busy

GeocacheUnlike the regular scholastic calendar that your children’s schools follow, nursing assistant schools like Allen School have classes operating all year long.  Even over the summer months.  That means, if you have kids, the youngsters are soon to be home all day, every day.  With you being a busy parent – working, caring for the household and studying to become a certified nurse assistant – its entirely possible that your kids will elect to fill their free time glued to the screens of their favorite electronic device.  Spending all summer immersed in electronics is bad for their young minds and bodies.  Especially when there is so much they can be doing, electron-free.  Spending time engaged in “dirt world” pursuits like outdoor play, arts and crafts, reading, summer camp, geocaching and other healthy pursuits is to be encouraged. However, reality dictates that they will inevitably spend a good amount of time in front of a screen nevertheless.

So what can you do, seeing as how you must balance your commitment to nursing assistant schools, work, and other obligations?  The answer lies somewhere between an all-electronics summer and a zero electronics summer.  Yahoo! Tech columnist Dan Tynan offers a great set of suggestions for ways to allow kids their “screen time” while at the same time, ensuring they’re not turning their young minds to oatmeal over the next three months.  He suggests innovative ways to incorporate electronic devices into a regimen that is still healthy for the kiddos’ minds including encouraging reading of ebooks, online summer camp programs and iPhone film making.  In fact, he offers seven great ideas in this mold in the piece which you can read here.

Balancing work, life and study at the Allen School requires some creative thinking but it can indeed be done!  Are you ready for the summer?