Summer Nutrition Never Tasted So Good to Medical Office Assistants

So Summer is definitely in full swing and judging by the limbs of the tomato plants growing on my stoop, the summer tomato bounty is going to be a large one in this blogger’s household.  As medical office assistants, or even certified nursing assistants, it would be good to be knowledgeable about nutrition.  In fact, it would be good for everyone to know more about healthy eating.  But as protectors of public health, medical office assistants and certified nursing assistants are on the front lines, where patients with real medical issues meet medical practitioners seeking insights into health and wellness.  Here’s the skinny on why tomatoes are a wonderfully healthy inclusion into anyone’s diet.

According to nutritionist Cheryl Forberg,

“They [tomatoes] are high in lycopene. Lycopene is a phytochemical found in tomatoes (and fruit such as watermelon and pink grapefruit) that has potent antioxidant properties. Some studies have suggested lycopene may help decrease the risk of prostate cancerwhile working in concert with other nutrients.

Tomatoes are also high in vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and fiber. One medium tomato is approximately 95 percent water and has 22 calories. One cup of fresh tomatoes provides more than 57 percent of the daily value for vitamin C, 22 percent of the daily value for vitamin A and almost 8 percent of the daily value for fiber.”

So whether you’re still studying certified nursing assistant courses or taking medical office assistant training, you’re sure to one day be working in a physician’s office or hospital.  This seasonal knowledge about one of summer’s most beloved fruits (vegetables?) is sure to be a useful tidbit you can share with patients.  Now go on out and enjoy yourself some healthy summer tomatoes too!  They’re nutritious AND delicious!

Don’t Let Your Brain Undermine Your Progress in Healthcare Training School

If you’re taking any healthcare training courses with Allen School – the certified nursing assistant course, online medical billing and coding, nurses’ aide training or medical assisting classes – you’d think your brain were you best ally.  But did you know that your brain can work against you?  If you’ve ever suffered from procrastination, then you know just what I’m talking about.  “I really should be studying for my upcoming certified nursing assistant exam, but I think I will pop over to Facebook for a moment and see what my friends are up to.”  Sound familiar?  Procrastination is but one of the traps our brains can fall prey to as we pursue our goals.  Excessive fantasizing – even positive fantasizing about, say, landing the perfect medical office assistant position after graduation – can have a really negative effect on your chances of making your dream come true.

Psychological researchers from Great Britain have been examining the cognitive functions behind fantasy, procrastination, planning and other brain activities.  This compelling article at explains all the ways your mind may be playing tricks on you, quite literally.  Read it and come to a greater understanding about how to stay in control of your mind and keep it focused on your long term success in pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant, medical billing and coding specialist, medical office assistant or any other course of study offered at the Allen School.

The Informed Certified Nursing Assistant – Part 1

I am launching a new series of blog posts here at the Allen School Blog entitled, The Informed Certified Nursing Assistant.  Certified nursing assistants are on hand in doctor’s offices and hospitals all across the US and the more they know about prevailing medical and health-related trends, the more effective they’ll be at providing excellent care to the patients they serve.

So today’s premier installment aims to draw the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) student’s attention to an issue which is especially relevant in light of the summer heat and the upcoming Olympic games.  I am talking about dehydration.  Athletes and regular folks alike (especially those who work or play outdoors) must pay close attention to their bodies on days when the thermometer pushes toward the top.  In the heat, it is essential to keep adding liquid as the body sweats out so much fluid.  Here’s a great piece of information for a Certified Nursing Assistant to know: those “sports drinks” that claim to be better than water for replenishing what the body loses in the heat are largely ineffective.  According to a study printed in the British Medical Journal and recapped here in a Yahoo news article, there is “a striking lack of evidence to support the vast majority of claims related to enhanced performance or recovery”.   So, Certified Nursing Assistants, make sure to suggest the most effective way of combating dehydration to the patients you serve during heat waves and athletic activities: drink plenty of clean, cool water!


Happy Birthday Air Conditioning, from a Healthcare Training School

The Allen School is one of New York’s top healthcare training schools.  Allen School headquarters is located not far from another notable NY place, the birthplace of air condition.  During this extended spell of super hot summer weather in the NY metro area, students of medical billing, medical coding, medical office assistant training and other courses of study on our ground campuses are grateful to be spending time in air conditioned classrooms.  Most of us take for granted the amazing technological achievement that is air conditioning.  Today marks the 100th birthday of the technology which provides comfort during the dog days of summer.  More importantly, from a public health perspective, A/C helps keep the physically vulnerable – the elderly, youngest and infirm – safe from the ravaging effects of heat.  This also helps lower the burden on medical office staff, certified nursing assistants and others in the medical field.  Air condition was invented not far from here in a building at 1040 Metropolitan Ave. in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn by Willis Carrier in 1912.  Carrier remains one of the top names in air condition today.  All of us, from those in the medical field, to those simply wishing to avoid the swelter, owe Mr. Carrier a debt of gratitude.

We’re the Number One Medical Billing Blog!!!

We’re the Number One Medical Billing Blog

It is with a great sense of accomplishment that I am able to share with you, our readers and students of medical billing, medical coding, medical office assistant (and all other courses of study at Allen School) that our humble blog has been named the Number One medical billing blog by World Wide Learn.

World Wide Learn is an online resource for the educational needs of today’s students.  They recently put together a list of the top 10 blogs for medical billing and named us number one!!!  According to WorldWideLearn,

“Medical billing offers opportunities whether an individual is just starting a career or already employed but looking for an alternative path. Medical records management provides jobs for people who are interested in health care but prefer office work to hands-on, clinical patient care. Based on our opinions, we at believe these blogs share informative insights for both aspiring technicians and specialists who are currently employed in medical billing”

Then they had some very nice things to say about the blogging coverage we work so hard to provide to not only our medical billing and coding students but also to our certified nursing assistant program students and all others at Allen School.  So please join me in hoisting a virtual, celebratory pint for having been recognized for excellence.  And get used to the feeling because as an Allen School grad, you’ll be regarded in the same positive light!


Best Places to Live After Medical Assistant School

US MapWhether you’re at Allen School to study medical assisting, the certified nursing assistant course or medical billing and coding  online, you’ll graduate with the ability to write your own career ticket in any locale you’d like to live.  The medical field is predicted to produce some of the highest, most consistent numbers of positions over the next ten years and beyond.  That means as a new medical assistant, certified nursing assistant or medical billing and coding specialist, you’ll be more or less able to live wherever you choose and find gainful employment.

CNBC recently put out a list of the top 10 best states to live in 2012.  So if you’re graduating this year and feel like the time is right to explore living elsewhere, take a look at the slideshow/list here and decide where you’d like to begin your exciting new career as a medical assistant, certified nursing assistant or medical billing and coding pro.

Medical Billing and Coding Training in Summer’s Swelter

Trying to complete your medical billing and coding training during the height of the summer’s heat and other distractions is as hard.  Its equally hard for people working on other projects from earning a certified nursing assistant degree to focusing on the needs of patients while working in a medical office.  The tendency is to want to slow down, or even take some time away from studies/work to go loaf at the pool, or in the air condition somewhere.  In fact, recent studies indicate that worker productivity slumps by as much as 20% in the summer months.

The cool geeks over at put together a “how to” piece, full of tips on how to maintain high levels of productivity in spite of seasonal distractions. The list includes advice ranging from changing the thermostat setting to switching up your work routine to working during different hours.  Not all of these may be feasible for those who’ve completed their medical billing and coding training and now maintain set working hours in a medical office.  However for students still studying medical billing and coding, certified nursing assistant training or any of the other courses offered here at the Allen School, these suggestions may just be what the doctor ordered.  Click here to read LifeHacker’s interesting article and sound off in the comments about how you beat the heat and stay focused on the work all summer long.

Doctors, Nursing Assistants, Medical Pros Blast Olympic Sponsors

The Allen School blog frequently covers the topic of unhealthy foods, junk foods and especially egregious examples of such.  Nursing assistants are among the medical professionals who witness, first hand, the negative effects these horrible foods have on the health of their patients.  I bet few of the men and women taking the nursing assistant training course at Allen School are going to be anything but shocked when they’re confronted with the ailments that arise from morbid obesity.  But those doctors, nurses and nurses assistants already on the job in the UK have seen it (just as their counterparts here in the US have.)  And this is why they’re speaking out against the leading sponsorship role played by McDonald’s and Coca-Cola in the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in London.

It seems their outrage has fallen upon sympathetic ears among the London Assembly.  Established in 2000, the London Assembly is an elected body that monitors the activities of the Mayor of London and has the power to amend the mayor’s annual budget.  As such, they have a good deal of influence over happenings in London and they’ve called for the International Olympic Committee to adopt strict  criteria for Olympic sponsors.  Such criteria would exclude companies like Mickey D’s and Coke from sponsoring the Olympics on the grounds that they are both products that perpetuate the global obesity epidemic.  An event that awards the competitors who display top physical condition and athletic prowess, the Olympics (in the opinion of the London Assembly) should not be sponsored by companies whose products contribute significantly to poor physique and lagging athleticism.

As future nursing assistants, what are your thoughts on this controversy?  I mean, we all enjoy a Big Mac and a Coke from time to time and McDonald’s and Coke have long been leading sponsors of the Olympic Games.  But should the health implications of fast food be factored into the decision over who sponsors the Olympics?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy 4th of July from Allen School Blog

Allen School Fourth of JulyWhether you’re studying medical billing and coding, taking medical office assistant training or our certified nursing assistant course, you’re taking a great step towards your own personal career independence.  So let’s celebrate independence as we wish America happy birthday.  See you next week!

Online Medical Billing School Warns of Malware Risk

Whether you’re a student studying medical billing and coding online with the Allen School or a ground school student who uses their computer to help in their studies in other areas like our certified nursing assistant course or medical assistant training, you need to know the following.  The FBI has identified a real, widespread virus threat that may render millions of computers unable to access the Internet as of this coming Monday, July 9, 2012.  Evidently, a piece of malicious software has been circulating for more than a year and has many computers infected already.  The malware is not noticeable right now on infected machines, but is set to “awaken” on Monday 7/9.

You can run a simple test for free at a site paid for by the FBI.  Here’s a link to the site where you can select your language and run the test to detect if your machine has been infected.  I would imagine if you’re an Allen School alumnus currently employed in medical offices as a medical billing and coding specialist, certified nursing assistant or medical office assistant, you would be a hero to your employer if you bring this to their attention and show them how to run this simple test on their office computers.  You can take credit for it.  I won’t say anything.