Allen School Support Teams

Support teams
The staff of the Allen School is totally dedicated to your success both in classes and as you enter the field of healthcare in your new career. We know that it takes a team of great folks to help all of our students find true success. From your first call with admissions to the moment you cross the stage at graduation and beyond we are here to help you be all that you can be.
  • Admissions – The admissions team are some of the first people you will meet as you begin your journey at the Allen School. They are here to help you learn about us and learn a little bit about yourself, your goals, and how to help you achieve them. They will help you choose the program that works for YOU.
  • Financial Aid – One of the other teams you will meet early on is Financial Aid. They are here to help you understand the options you have available to afford your education. They will help you understand what grants and loans are available to you and help you develop a plan to afford school and make a great investment in yourself.
  • Student Services – The Student Services team is here to help you as you start classes. They will help you keep your education on track and help you handle challenges that may arise along the way. From attendance to make-up hours, and more. They are here to help you focus on school and your education.
  • Academics – It goes without saying that the Academics team is here to teach you the skills and knowledge you need to be successful in your new career. Many of our instructors are doctors and nurses and all of them have a wealth of experience in the field. They know what it takes to get you started on the path to a great career.
  • Career Services – The Career Services team is here to help you with interview and resume skills, as well as job searching and filling out applications. Now they cannot get a job for you, but they can give you all the skills you need to land your first career in the exciting career of healthcare.
 So what are you waiting for? We’ve been helping students for over 56 years start great careers in healthcare. Don’t wait another year to get started. Your new career is waiting. Start working towards the future YOU deserve today.

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