Medical Assistant Training Better Odds Than $1.3bb Powerball Jackpot

Powerball fever has reached an, um, fever pitch, with no winner in last Saturday’s drawing.  This pushes the jackpot to a record $1.3 billion pool.  And while we’re all engaging in a bit of fanciful dreaming about how our lives would be if we were the lucky winner, the truth is less sexy and alluring.   The truth is, if you’re seeking a pathway to more money, greater financial autonomy, a wider array of employment opportunity, a better quality of life for your family and all the things that come with a higher income, the odds favor those who complete medical assistant training with the Allen School.With the powerball, you have a 1 in 292 million chance of winning.  Compare that to the roughly 1 in 900,000 chance you’ll be struck by lightning in 2016 and you can see just how improbable a Powerball win truly is.   On the other hand, there is a much greater chance that, with a degree earned via medical assistant training with the Allen School, you’ll be able to land a good paying job in a growing field.It may be fun to buy a ticket or two (buying 100 tickets does nothing to significantly increase your odds of winning) and then spend some time fantasizing about winters in Bali, summers in the Alps, etc.  But if you want a sure thing, embark on an exciting new career today as a medical office assistant.  It’s as close to a sure thing as you’ll find out there.

Don’t Be Forced to Upgrade to Windows 10 on your Medical Coding Online Training Computer

If you’re taking medical coding online training using a computer (and it would be difficult to do so without one) this message is for you.  If you received a new computer as a holiday gift, then you probably got a new machine pre-loaded with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10.  But if you’re using an older machine to take medical coding online training, it is very likely running the earlier versions of Windows – 7, 8 or 8.1.   If your machine runs any of these operating systems, you’re probably already getting nagging and increasingly aggressive messages from Windows urging you to accept a “free” upgrade to Windows 10.  It’s even possible your automatic Windows updater has already even downloaded the 6 GB installation file.But if you are perfectly content running 7 or 8, there’s no reason why you should be forced to upgrade.  Especially because learning your way around a new operating system is not something you want to necessarily waste time with when you’re trying to focus on medical coding online training.  Now most will tell you that the Windows 10 upgrade is compulsory and that you must accept it sooner or later.  That’s not really true.  Microsoft is on record saying Windows 7 will be supported through 2020.  So how do you get them to stop pestering you to upgrade?Read this handy article from on How to Prevent Your PC From Upgrading to Windows 10. Let me state here that this blogger is not a hater of Windows 10.  We have a couple laptops running the new OS and it is a whole lot better than Windows 8 and 8.1.  However, most of our business machines run 7 and we love it.  So we’ll be following the ZDNet suggestions to protect ourselves from the forced update and you can too. 

5 Morning Hacks for Sleepy Medical Assistant Training Students

Getting up before the sunrise, rudely jarred into consciousness by the klaxon of your hideous alarm clock can be a difficult way to start your day.  If you’re an early riser, than its no problem.  But if you’re a busy parent, husband, wife, worker or any other human who has many obligations and yet, still finds time to take medical assistant training in pursuit of a better career, then you’re likely to find these six morning hacks useful.Find the best alarm clock. The regular screeching, electronic alarm clocks are a recipe for rude awakening and lead to all-day grumpiness.    Instead, try an unconventional alarm, like a light alarm, or even the old standby, the clock radio – tuned to a classical or otherwise soothing type of radio station. Listening to peaceful music as you wake up slowly is better than pounding away on the snooze buttonOpen those shades! Sunlight is the best disinfectant.  It is also a good way to get your morning energy levels up.  The sun’s rays depress the manufacture of melatonin, a hormone that makes you sleepy. Letting the sun shine in on you helps you to wake up faster and more thoroughly than waking up in darkness.Hydration Situation.  Downing a glass of room temperature water as soon as you open your eyes rehydrates the body after many hours of immobility.  This helps revitalize your body and also helps you avoid snoozing by making you have to use the bathroom.Catch a Breath of Fresh Air. As long as it isn’t ten below, stick your head out the window or pop out on to the deck to fill your lungs with fresh oxygen.  10 breaths is all it takes to jump start your body with better mental clarity and vigor.  Weather permitting you might even entertain a short bit of physical activity outside the front door.  Go grab the newspaper or walk the dog around the block.  It will do your body, mind and attitude good (even if it is difficult to get started from a cold stop).Prepare a healthy breakfast the night Before. We’re not all morning people and it takes many of us all the energy we have to get from the bedroom to the kitchen where we reflexively grab for sugary drinks and pastry.  Do yourself a favor and skip the blood-sugar spiking breakfast.  Instead, cut up some fresh fruit and/or measure out your cereal the night before so you can sit right down to a healthy option first thing.Or, if you’re a super nocturne, you might consider a different schooling option besides medical assistant training.  With medical billing online classes, you can set your own schedule and avoid the early morning wake up altogether.  The choice is yours with the Allen School of Health Sciences as your source for career training in the healthcare field.

How Nurse Assistant Training is like Jedi Training

With all the hullabaloo about the upcoming release of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we thought it would be fun to draw some parallels between the tenets of Jedi Knight training and those of Certified Nurse Assistant training.  After all, both Jedi Knights and Certified Nurse Assistants are heroes in this galaxy and galaxies far, far away.  So in less time than it takes to make the Millennium Falcon to make the Kessel run, let’s run down the similarities.Motivation to Take Both Jedi and Nurse Assistant TrainingAccording to Wookiepedia, Jedi are an order mostly consisting of teachers, philosophers, scientists, physicians, diplomats and warriors, who value knowledge and wisdom above nationality. By serving others, the Jedi give of themselves through acts of charity, citizenship, volunteerism, and good deeds.Similarly, nurse assistant trainees are an order consisting of people from many walks of life who value knowledge and wisdom; who seek to increase their knowledge such that they may give of themselves through acts of citizenship, care-giving, healing and good deeds.The Creed of the Jedi and the Nurse AssistantGrand Master Skywalker re-wrote the Jedi Creed (excerpted): “Jedi are the guardians of peace in the galaxy. Jedi use their powers to defend and protect, never to attack others. Jedi respect all life, in any form.  Jedi seek to improve themselves through knowledge and training.”Wouldn’t you know it, nurse assistant training also produces professionals who use their powers to protect and defend life.  These students are most certainly people who are seeking to improve themselves through knowledge and training.  Thus being prepared to embark on a lifetime of service to the well being of others.If you’re considering taking nurse assistant training and question whether or not to try something new by way of a career change, heed the wisdom of Jedi Master Yoda who admonishes young Jedi Padawans (trainees), “Do or do not – there is no try!”  Use the force (or maybe just the phone) to get started today on an honorable career in service to good in the galaxy!

New Beginnings in 2016 and Taking the Leap into a Healthcare Career Path

A career in healthcare offers many benefits beyond achieving the job of your dreams. Many different roles in a healthcare setting allow you to help others, caring for their physical and emotional needs, and making a difference in people’s lives. From newborns to senior citizens, you can choose a specialty and begin helping people to be healthier and ultimately happier. The year 2016 offers a wealth of new opportunities to chase your dreams by taking a leap into a new and exciting career path.

Benefits of a Career Path in Healthcare

online health sciences program in New YorkAt The Allen School of Health Sciences, we understand how disappointing it can be when you haven’t yet made it to your ideal career path. Like anything worth having, it can take time to land your ideal career. Our programs for nursing assistant, medical assistant, and medical coding and billing career paths are designed to put you on the fast track to your new and exciting career in the healthcare field. We have assisted many students in broadening their horizons and earning jobs in various health related fields like medical assistants, nursing assistants, and medical insurance billing and coding professionals.A career in healthcare offers many benefits, beginning even as early on as during your education. Some key benefits include:
  • Excellent compensation packages – You will enjoy a handsome salary with some of the best benefits around.
  • It’s great to feel needed – As a medical professional, your skills and talents will allow you to comfort patients and make their days better. This is a reward beyond what money can buy.
  • Healthcare jobs are in demand – You may find an easier time cracking into the healthcare field than many other fields that are currently inundated with applicants.
  • Exceptional cross-training and growth opportunities – Working in the medical field, especially as you first begin the process, will allow you to branch out and find many specialties that fit your talents and interests as well as your experience.

Fast Track to New Opportunities

training for medical billing and coding Phoenix AZThe Allen School makes it easy to enroll in one of the greatest adventures of your life. Our expert faculty eagerly awaits the opportunity to help put your new career path in motion with years of real world experience in the medical field. We offer three accredited medical programs with thorough training designed to get you into the job you want without delay.Now is the time to make a decision that can affect your happiness and job security for the rest of your life. Choose to enroll in one of The Allen School’s programs to begin a career in the healthcare field as early as 2016. Get in touch with us to start working toward your dream healthcare job today.

Top 10 Techie Gifts for the Medical Billing Online Student

Yes, we know that our medical billing online students are by their very nature, tech-savvy people.  After all, in order to study medical billing online, one needs to harbor an innate love of computing and telephony.  Yes, the medical billing online lifestyle is one made possible by modern advancements like wireless computing, the growing ubiquity of WiFi hotspots, and a host of cool tech gadgets that allow a motivated, career-minded person to study medical billing online, from wherever they are, whenever it is convenient for them.So with the Holiday season in full swing, parents, children, spouses and friends of Allen School Online students may be seeking cool gift ideas for their favorite soon-to-be medical billing and coding professionals.  We’ve had a look around at some of the coolest tech-savvy gift ideas available at your favorite retailers this year and, for our money, the best list came by way of  And although that site originates in England, all of the boffo tech tools, gadgets, goo-gaws and doo-dads they’ve listed there are most definitely available here in the states.  So have a look at their list of space-aged awesomeness and pick out something nice for your medical billing online friends or loved ones.Of course, this blogger would also be happy to receive any of these nifty items so, if you’re feeling generous, drop me a comment and I will share my mailing address.  I especially dig #9 on the list.  Thanks in advance for your generosity!  Have a Happy Holiday season!

Wear Orange, Red, Brown and Your Job Prospects go Down

So says career coach, Janet Scarborough Civitelli in an article posted at a, money and career themed website. There is a decent amount of science behind how human beings react to different shades and colors during negotiations.  Of course, the findings of color preferences tend to be highly subjective, but when applying for your first job after completing your nurse assistant training with the Allen School, it pays to take no chances.To distill the point of the article, Civitelli urges job seekers to avoid wearing bright colors like red or orange which, it is easy enough to intuit, can be distracting.  They may also give the impression that the candidate isn’t serious or that they are attention seekers.   The graphic above lays down one interpretation of the feelings and impressions generated in the human mind by different colors.  Absent from the graphic is the color brown which as Civitelli notes, is often associated with reliability and comfort.  However, she suggests hiring managers don’t like brown because they intuit it mean a candidate is resistant to change.The data shows that the colors most typically associated with business, navy/blue, black, grey and white are the best bet for your outfit when you go out to interview for a job.  Whether you’re completing your nurse assistant training or any of the study tracks offered by the Allen School, it’s smart to put your best foot forward and save that spicy red dress for the club on Saturday night instead!  Happy job hunting!

Microsoft’s Compulsory Holiday Gift for Online Medical Coding Students

Microsoft’s Windows is probably the operating system running on nearly every online medical coding student’s computer.  Whether it’s a laptop or desktop, Microsoft’s dominance in the market means your computer is likely running some version of Windows.  As we’ve written about here extensively – because it matters for online medical coding students to have computers that work well – Microsoft was getting ready to release Windows 10, the latest version of the OS.  Many users loved Windows version 7 and hated Windows version 8.  So many are looking forward to installing Windows 10, and perhaps you already have since it has become available.  But there are many others who are happy with 7 or 8 and do not wish to change.  The following information is for these users.Microsoft really really wants us to all upgrade to Windows 10.  So much so, that they’re sneakily pushing the update into your computer’s automatic updates.  Automatic updates typically happen in the background and help Microsoft keep your machine current and protected from security hacks and such.  But you may have noticed lately that your computer keeps urging you to update.  And if you’re a savvy enough user (who wants to keep 7 or 8) you may even have taken steps in the control panel to decline the upgrade.  Yet, it keeps coming back!  There doesn’t seem much one can do to keep Microsoft from forcing you to accept this “gift”.Look, this blogger has 10 running on one of his laptop and has no fundamental gripes about it.  It is a decent operating system and a better piece of software than Windows 8 which is nearly universally hated.  But no one wants to be forced to upgrade without a say in the matter.  So if you’re an online medical coding student who wants Microsoft to keep its holiday “gift” to itself, you’ll be happy to read this article from Computer World which explains what the story is and how to retain full control over what gets installed on your machine automatically.

Medical Assistant: 2016 Job of the Year?

Every year around this time, I start scouting the predictions for where labor markets are heading in the new year.  For as long as I have been doing this little year-end ritual, healthcare industry jobs have always been high on the lists of fields where job supply and security is forecast to be highest.  This year is no exception.  In fact, 2016 promises to be something of the ‘Year of the Medical Assistant’ with numerous reputable media outlets reporting that medical assistants will be in high demand over the next 12 months.Number 8 on the Boston Globe’s list of 30 fastest growing jobs?  Medical Assistant!Coincidentally also at number 8 on career site’s list of ‘Top and Fastest Growing Jobs for 2016’ list?  Medical Assistant!Forbes magazine has no fewer than 5 healthcare industry jobs on its list of the 10 Toughest Jobs to Fill in 2016.  And although Medical Assistant is not one of them, this fact shows that the growth and expansion of the healthcare field is set to continue unabated next year.So get busy with the medical assistant training if you’re seeking a career in an industry replete with opportunity.