CNA Classes – Train for the Insane on the Plane

For some reason, this Monday’s news seemed to be chock full of crazy at 35,000 feet.  If one didn’t know better, one might think that there was an entirely new market to be served by the medical community including those who might be considering taking CNA classes to become a certified nursing assistant.  I am talking about the growing epidemic (today at least) of crazy, insane, maniacs attacking other people on airplanes.You just can’t make this stuff up!  The top “train for the insane on the plane” story comes from the Associated Press which reports that a Brazilian man on an Aer Lingus flight from Ireland, went looney tunes and ran amok, biting several passengers before being restrained while the flight was diverted to the nearest airport where he died before he could be arrested.In the second-place “train for the insane on the plane” spot comes this story today from Inside Edition of a man removed from a Southwest Airlines flight which also made an emergency diversion/landing after he began choking the woman in the seat in front of him.  Evidently, he was angered that she had reclined her seat and felt the best way to make his displeasure known was to choke the poor woman unconscious.If these trends continue, Allen School may need to add a new course of study – CNA Classes for in-flight emergencies. Instead of learning about patient health, comfort and care, infection control and OSHA universal precautions, therapeutic diets/feeding techniques, vital signs, body systems and the rest of the course material involved in regular CNA classes, the In-Flight CNA classes will focus on how to treat maniacs who are biting, choking and otherwise inflicting woe upon their fellow travelers.  If you’ve traveled by plane recently, you probably already know that this is likely to be a growing field.<Editor’s note: this piece is entirely satirical except for the description of the types of things one really studies in CNA classes.> 

Career Path Info for those taking Medical Office Assistant Training

Human capital industry website, has a great format for compiling national data on all manner of career tracks.  It includes median salary information by job title, plus numbers for bonus, benefits and other things you’d want to know about any given career field. It also shows projected salaries for every job type over time so you can see what you might expect to earn after 5 years, 10 years and beyond in your field of choice.   It even shows the differential between what you’d earn in the same career in different US cities.But perhaps the most interesting information shown is the typical career path for any job title.  They use a flow chart to demonstrate the typical jobs that a person could grow into after beginning in a given job.  To wit, look at the chart below for medical office assistants to see the commonly occurring evolution of a career that begins with medical office assistant pathVisit the page housing this chart for an interactive version of it as well as all the other great, relevant information you should consider when deciding to embark on a new career via medical office assistant training.

Medical Billing Online Classes from a Standing Desk

Medical science has confirmed that sitting all day is very bad for humans.  So if you’re currently taking medical billing online classes in between working at your current job (if your current job is a desk job), then you should consider a standing desk.What’s a standing desk you ask?  Let me tell you!  Quite simply, a standing desk is a workstation that can be raised up taller so that its user may work while – as the name suggests – standing up. It may seem counter intuitive, but staying seated for long periods of time is very bad for your circulatory system and puts extra strain on your heart muscle.  Standing while working at a computer – like you might at a library computer or a kiosk in the airport – may take a little getting used to.  But the benefits of adapting can be significant for your health over the long term.Additionally, they make some standing desks that are telescoping so that they can be set lower when you feel like sitting and higher when you wish to work from a standing position.  It may even be an investment you will make good use of over a long period of time as well.  Medical billing online classes lead to work in one of the fields commonly associated with work-from-home arrangements.  Of course, most medical billing professionals don’t start out right after graduation with telecommute positions.  But after you’ve gained experience and a solid resume in this field, there are plenty of practices that allow billers and coders to work from home.  So investing in a good standing desk may be a good idea.

Medical Assistant Trainees Can Do Amazing Things

Are you considering becoming a medical assistant trainee but you’re anxious you may not be up to the challenge?  Do you harbor some doubts about your ability to succeed at the difficult task of getting educated in a new field and embarking on an exciting new career?  Well, you shouldn’t doubt yourself.  We humans are a far more tenacious and perseverant lot than we may give ourselves credit for.  You CAN do this.  If you need inspiration, it is all around you.

Take this story from the Business Insider about Krishna Reddy, a “13 year-old from Wichita Falls, Texas, [who] invented a device that can tell when a driver has consumed alcohol or used other drugs based on how dilated his or her pupils are,” as part of his participation in the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, an annual competition for the title of America’s Top Young Scientist and a $25,000 prize.  Reddy built his pupil reading device using a digital camera, a snakehead flashlight, and a toilet paper roll.  His efforts promise to completely change drunk driving prevention.  He didn’t worry about failure.  He didn’t focus on a perceived lack of materials.  And in exchange, his efforts have led him to a promising and potentially lucrative future.

Your efforts can do the same.   Don’t sell yourself short.  You have what it takes to become a medical assistant trainee and ultimately, a professional medical assistant in your community.

Nursing Assistant Training and Drug Addiction

OK, so that title may be a little misleading.  No, this post is not about drug addiction among nursing assistant training candidates.  Typically, a person who is working to complete nursing assistant training is a motivated, focused individual with a clear plan for their financial future.  The typical drug addict does not meet the profile.What it is about then, is providing some very important information for nursing assistants who will very likely encounter people suffering from drug addiction during the course of their careers as nursing assistants.  Substance abuse is a complex and difficult illness both to properly identify and to treat.  It simply doesn’t respond to medicines like anti-biotics for bronchitis for example.  Addiction has a million causes and a million more manifestations.  But if one is prepared to first notice the symptoms and then to take appropriate action, there is a decent chance the patient can be saved.Since frequently an addict doesn’t admit to his/her addiction, it often falls to their family or friends to help direct their loved one into treatment.  And for these folks, knowing the signs of addiction, and then how to act upon them can make all the difference.  A well-trained nursing assistant should know about these signs and activities so they may properly advise the addict’s loved ones who may not be ready or able to cope with this enormous problem.Here are fourteen rules you must never break when dealing with an addict.  The list and the advice are produced by Narconon; an organization whose mission is to provide an effective path for rehabilitation from drug abuse and to assist society in preventing the scourge of drugs worldwide.  If you’re presently taking nursing assistant training, you should read this piece and educate yourself on these best practices because substance abuse/addiction is an enormous heath issue in the US.

Nursing Assistant Training to Enter Fascinating Field

Taking nursing assistant training courses not only prepares one to enter a lucrative and stable career, it also prepares one to enter a truly fascinating field.  The advances in medical science have come so fast and furiously for so long over the last century, that we’ve grown somewhat inured to the actual marvel of what is being accomplished.  Cures for diseases that killed billions over the course of history were eradicated in the 20th Century.  Polio, Smallpox, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Dyptheria and many others are now a thing of the past.  Organ transplants including heart, kidney, liver and even lungs have become commonplace.  In the early part of the 21st Century, the medical industry has even delivered face transplants and hand transplants.  It is a truly amazing time to be in this field, moving at the speed of innovation.Today it was revealed that scientists at Stanford University are claiming to have isolated a cure for one of the diseases still killing thousands every year in a slow, and gruesome manner.  I am talking about Alzheimer’s disease which robs a person of their life’s memories while their brain slowly deteriorates and ultimately ceases to function at all.  This disease is almost more difficult for the families of those afflicted who must witness their loved one devolve daily as they can no longer remember their spouses, children, grandkids and friends.According to, “Alzheimer’s is America’s sixth leading cause of death. 36 million people have Alzheimer’s worldwide, and only 1-in-4 have been diagnosed. 1-in-9 Americans over 65 have it, and 1-in-3 Americans over 85. 2-in-3 Alzheimer’s patients are women, and the disease is twice as likely in blacks and Hispanics. The human cost is incalculable; the financial cost is pretty staggering too, at over $220 billion annually in the United States alone.”The Telegraph reports, “Researchers discovered that nerve cells die because cells which are supposed to clear the brain of bacteria, viruses and dangerous deposits, stop working. These cells, called ‘microglia’ function well when people are young, but when they age, a single protein called EP2 stops them operating efficiently. Now scientists have shown that blocking the protein allows the microglia to function normally again so they can hoover up the dangerous sticky amyloid-beta plaques which damage nerve cells in Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers found that, in mice, blocking EP2 with a drug reversed memory loss and myriad other Alzheimer’s-like features in the animals.”Aren’t you proud to be studying nursing assistant training so as to become a member of the elite corps of people at the front line of science and healthcare?  If you’re not studying nursing assistant training, you may want to ask yourself if it is something that could be beneficial to you as a career option.

Selfie Stick Induced Injuries

OK, so here’s something fun for a Friday afternoon.  As medical office assistants and certified nursing assistants, you’ll have a front row seat to some of the injuries inflicted on people by engaging in foolish activities.  These include people who blew themselves up playing with fireworks, people burned trying to deep fry turkeys, roller-blading injuries and a wide array of other shenanigans the likes of which you can watch on TV programs like America’s Funniest Home Videos and Ridiculousness.This blogger is not one to laugh at the misfortunes of others.  But there is one class of fool who gets no mercy or quarter from me, and that’d be the users of the inane product known as the selfie stick.  In the video clip below, this fellow barely escapes serious injury as a canoe impales his windshield, missing his head by mere inches.  Why?  Because the Mensa candidate was too preoccupied filming himself with a selfie stick and failed to pay sufficient attention to the road in front of him.  Luckily, he was unharmed.  But there are plenty of doofuses (doofi?) in the world with selfie sticks stepping out into traffic, backing up over the edge of cliffs and doing all sorts of stupid, dangerous things while filming themselves.  Those folks keep doctors’ offices and hospitals humming and people like you busily employed as medical office assistants.  Have a great weekend!

Boosting Memory Naturally for Nursing Assistant Trainees

Nursing assistants by definition must be well-studied on a host of topics critically important to the health and well-being of the patients that they encounter on the job.  There’s a great volume of information to learn while studying for nursing assistant certification and all of it must be retained.  Keeping one’s memory sharp can be challenging.  Whether you’re still studying to earn your nursing assistant certification or you’re already employed in the field, relying on caffeine, sugary energy drinks or other stimulants to boost your memory during test times or busy work times is a mistake.  Watch the video below for a fantastic and stylish way to use natural herbs to help keep your mind sharp.  or click here for step by step instructions.

Top Skills Needed to Succeed in Medical Billing Classes

 What makes a good medical billing classes student?What kind of person is best suited for a career in medical billing and coding?  And what type of personality is most likely to succeed in medical billing classes online?  The logical assumptions hold up to scrutiny.  For example, the medical billing specialist must be able to handle stress well.  This profession demands long hours, often in stressful environments.  So you’ll have to be able to manage stress on the job.You’ll also need to be a compassionate person.  While the role doesn’t often require interaction with patients and their loved ones the same way that nursing assistants are required to, you still may have to interact with folks who are facing difficult health issues.  They may not be disposed to focusing on insurance billing while they or their loved one is ill.  Being compassionate helps you to help minimize the hassles for these folks at a delicate time.Patience is also a virtue in this field.  As noted, people are often not at their best when dealing with serious health concerns.  Many are frankly at their worst and may be rude, short tempered, agitated etc.  Especially when they hear that their insurance may not cover certain procedures or medications.  Patience in dealing with these folks will serve a medical billing professional well.A forum on this topic at job hunting site reveals that many respondents answering the question at the top of this post believe speed, accuracy and attention to detail are among the most important traits in the medical billing and coding role.  Read the entire thread of that conversation here for insights and details.Perhaps some alumnae of Allen School’s medical billing classes online could sound off on what traits they’ve found to be useful on the job in the comments below?

No Campus Housing for Medical Billing Courses Online

pastaDepending on how you look at it, taking medical billing courses online either protects a student against the injustices of campus living, or it robs a student of the formative experiences of living alone for the first time in campus housing.  In reality, the Allen School does not offer a live-on-campus experience even for the ground school courses like medical office assistant training or nursing assistant certification courses.  However, we still thought it was a nice bit of comic material to share the following slide show with you on a Monday morning.Click here for a hilarious view into experiences you may forgo by opting to study medical billing courses online.  These are some pretty resourceful hacks that college students living on campus have developed through the years to overcome challenges in cooking, personal hygiene, relaxation techniques, productivity boosts and more.Believe me when I tell you, you’re better off studying from the comfort of your own home with easy access to things dorm life cannot take for granted like: full kitchens, indoor plumbing, and more.  Happy Monday students!