5 Deadly Substances Now Used in Medicine

Medications have long been derived from a wide variety of strange places and substances from plants, to animals, and even minerals. Today we want to share a few very unconventional places to derive medicine from. All of these substances have one thing in common; they are helpful in the correct quantity, but very deadly if not dosed correctly. 
  1. Arsenic – This substance is commonly found in pesticides, some building processes, and some industrial processes. It has also been found to be helpful in battling certain cancers in the correct dosage. Arsenic belongs to a class of medications called anthracyclines.
  1. Foxglove – You may have this pretty flower growing in your yard and you probably won’t have a problem with any small animals sneaking in and eating it. In high doses consumption of foxglove will cause a drastic decrease in blood pressure which could lead to death. In the correct dosage though it becomes a key ingredient in the heart failure medication known as digoxin.
  1. Radiation – High doses of radiation can be lethal and lead to radiation poisoning and ultimately death. Without it however we wouldn’t have much of the imaging equipment we have today. Radiation is also an important part of many cancer treatments.
  1. Yew Plant – Every part of the Yew Plant is highly poisonous to humans. But in the right quantity there is great benefit to fighting certain types of cancers. Yew is also used in some medicines that help keep arteries from narrowing after the placement of a heart stent.
  1. Snake Venom – If you are a student with us in Arizona you are probably very familiar with venomous snakes and try to avoid them. Snake venom has been used to treat high blood pressure, heart failure, and even diabetes related kidney problems.
 There are many other interesting and sometimes dangerous substances used in modern medicine. If you are ready to learn more about medicine and start working towards your new career in healthcare visit our website at www.allenschool.edu. May classes are enrolling now.

Top Hospitals in NYC for Medical and Nursing Assistants

Hospitals are, by far, the most significant employers a great source of employment opportunity for certified medical (CMA) and nursing assistants (CNA), in the healthcare industry. Highly trained healthcare employees are in demand at hospitals around the country, especially in populated cities like New York, which is filled with some of the country’s top hospitals with some of the best doctors. That makes these hospitals a fantastic place to launch your new career as a nursing assistant.

Less than eight years ago there were over 100,000 nursing assistant jobs in New York alone and 1.5 million nurse assistant jobs across the United States. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, that number is expected to increase by at least 11 percent in the next eight years.

To put that into perspective, most occupations have an average growth of around seven percent, meaning nursing assistants will be an occupation in high demand for New York City hospitals in the coming years, thanks to the aging baby boomer generation.

This aging population needs compassionate, highly trained, and knowledgeable caregivers; precisely the type of people who gain their training at from the Allen School of Health Sciences.

Top New York City Hospitals for Nursing Assistants Starting Your Healthcare Career

Whether you are just starting your nursing assistant training at The Allen School, or are about to graduate and go for your CNA certification go on internship and graduate, it’s a good idea to know what hospitals in the area would be an excellent place to start your career. We’ve compiled a brief list of the most well-known top hospitals in New York City.

Mount Sinai Hospital

Probably the most well-known New York hospital, Mount Sinai is a teaching hospital that is ranked on the Best Hospitals Honor Roll as number 18 and is committed to reducing the number of medical errors and accidents made by staff and doctors alike.

New York Presbyterian Hospital

Ranked by the Best Hospitals Honor Roll as number eight, New York Presbyterian is a general surgical and medical facility as well as a teaching hospital with several New York locations including Brooklyn. This makes it perfect for students just graduating the Allen School nursing assistant programs.

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Jamaica Hospital, located in Jamaica, New York, is a general surgical and medical facility that has been the recipient of the NRC Health Excellence Award for the most improved hospital.

Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center

A teaching hospital and general medical facility, Beth Israel is well-known for its dedication to excellence and innovation. It is part of the Mount Sinai health system and is affiliated with the Icahn School of Medicine.

Find Nursing and Medical Assistant Jobs at Hospitals

If a hospital seems like a good fit for you and you’d like to take the first steps to starting your career in one, contact us today. Classes are enrolling now at all campuses. Excited to start your career at one of these hospitals? Contact the Allen School today to get started on your new career.


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Avoiding Spring Allergy Triggers

Well it may not seem like it in some parts of the nation, but Spring is almost here and soon April showers will be bringing May flowers. With those flowers will come allergies, a common condition that many of our students will see in their clinics and work sites as they begin their careers. While there is no cure for allergies there are important steps that can be taken to help prevent and alleviate symptoms.The National Jewish Health Center has put together a list of things allergy sufferers can do to help alleviate and prevent some of the worst symptoms allergies can bring.
  1. Cool Wisely – Use your Air Conditioner and make sure any filters are replaced or cleaned. Try to avoid using window or attic fans that simply pull in outside air
  2. Clean Up – Use a saline nasal wash and change clothes and shower after doing anything outside to avoid bringing pollen inside
  3. Block the Wind – use a scarf or try to stay inside more on windy days
  4. Garden Carefully – Avoid fertilizers and pesticides. See if you can get someone else to mow the lawn
  5. Take your Medications – If you are on prescription meds for allergies be sure to take them according to your doctors directions.
To read more great tips on avoiding allergy triggers please read the entire article here.If you are ready to spring into a new career and grow a new skillset in the field of healthcare contact us today. Our final spring classes for Medical and Nursing Assistant are enrolling now and filling fast. Please visit www.allenschool.edu for more info.

Dine Out for Autism 2018

As many of you know April is Autism awareness Month a cause we proudly celebrate through our Institution for Hope campaign here at the Allen School. There are many ways our students and staff help support this great cause but one of the best (and tastiest) ways to support Autism awareness this month is through the Autism Speaks Dine Out.Autism Speaks has partnered with several restaurants nationwide that are donating a portion of their sales to help increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism. From pizza to fine dining there are tons of great restaurants to visit in the month of April.Here are a few to get your mouth watering:
  • Joe’s Crab Shack
  • Stix to Go
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Papa Johns
  • Studio Movie Bar and Grill
  • Bodega Negra NY
  • Bone Fish Grill
To see the full list of restaurants participating in this year’s Dine Out for Autism please click here.To learn more about Autism Speaks and the important work they do to help those with autism and their families please visit https://www.autismspeaks.org

Top 5 Questions to Ask as You Look For Schools

Choosing the school you attend to further your education could possibly be one of the most important decisions you ever make in your life. It’s important to consider not only your classes, but the quality of the education being offered as well as any support services you may need to truly be successful in your new career. When you are considering a school please keep in mind the following:
  1. Are the Instructors Qualified? – The instructors should be experts in the field of healthcare and should specialize in the field they are teaching.
  2. Is the Institution Accredited? – The accreditation of the institution is very important as this determines not only the quality of the education you will receive, but also what benefits, such as Financial Aid that may be available to you as a student.
  3. What Kind Of Support Services will I receive while I’m in school? – Classwork is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to starting your new career, but what else does the institution offer? While you are in school be sure to ask about things like tutoring and extra practice sessions.
  4. What types of Career Services are offered? – Let’s face it; you are going to school to start a new career. The school you choose should offer you all the support they can to help you get started.
  5. Do you offer any opportunities to build my resume outside of course work? – For many this is their first time working in the field of healthcare and it’s important to build relevant experience on your resume prior to completing school.
Finding the right school to fit your needs and life style can be a daunting task, but with a little research you will find the perfect match for your needs. We sincerely hope that you find your place in the Allen School family. If you’re ready to take the next step and tour our campus and learn more about our programs please give us a call at 877-591-8753 or visit www.allenschool.edu.

Top 10 Reasons to Become A Medical Assistant

Healthcare careers are always a great choice when considering your future. Not only do you get the chance to help others every day when you go to work, but you also get to provide yourself and your family with a stable and ever growing future. Today we’ve compiled a list of the top reasons to become a Medical Assistant, reasons we often hear right from our students on a daily basis. 
  1. The Satisfaction of Helping others in their time of need
  2. Healthcare Careers often offer long-term Career Advancement Opportunities
  3. Medical Assistants work in a fast-paced exciting environment
  4. Above Average Career Growth is happening now
  5. Increased Career Security & Stability
  6. Interaction with Patients and provide clinical support
  7. Variety of Work Settings & Facilities
  8. In Demand Skills Sets that Healthcare Facilities are looking for from graduates
  9. Increased Financial Stability
  10. Earn Respect and Pride as a Healthcare Professional
 So what are you waiting for? Our Medical Assistant classes are enrolling now at all locations! Our classes are kept small and taught by highly qualified professionals to help give you the skills you need to be successful as a healthcare professional. The Allen School of Health Sciences has over 56 years of experience in helping students just like YOU reach their personal and professional goals.Please visit our website at https://www.allenschool.edu or give us a call 877-591-8753.

March Institution for Hope Multiple Sclerosis

The Allen School’s Institution for hope cause in March is Multiple Sclerosis. According to the MS Society this disease affects approximately 2.3 million people worldwide and at this time has no known cure. MS affects the central nervous system including the brain, spinal card, and optic nerves. Here are 5 facts about MS. 
  1. Cause is Unknown – Doctors do not know what cause MS but believe smoking, being between the age of 15 to 60, being Caucasian with Northern European descent, and living in temperate climates may be factors
  2. It Can Range in Severity – Symptoms vary greatly between patients and can range from inconvenient to debilitating. Symptoms often progress as the disease progresses.
  3. It Can be Difficult to Diagnose – Many other disease present common symptoms, especially early on. Doctors use blood test, Lumbar puncture, MRI, and Evoked Potential test as diagnostic tools.
  4. It Affects More Women Than Men – Women are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop MS
  5. Vitamin D May Help Prevent and Treat MS – Studies have shown that Vitamin D coupled with a healthy lifestyle may help prevent and treat MS.
To read more about these 5 facts please see the full article here.Every month the Allen School of Health Sciences Medical and Nursing Assistant students are proud to support important causes like MS. If you are ready to be part of a school that offers more than just classroom work, call us today to get started. Classes are enrolling now. Please visit www.allenschool.edu for more info.

How to Study to Music

Many people find it difficult to study or focus when there’s not some sort of music playing or noise in the background. It can be very tempting to just turn on the television or radio and begin to study, but not just any noise or music is truly helpful when it comes to learning.Here are a few tips to pick the best tunes to get your study session rocking. 
  1. Classical Music – It may not be your type of music, but many studies have shown it to be conducive to studying and learning. Study time may be a perfect opportunity to expand your musical palette and crank out the Mozart.
  2. Mozart Effect – There really seems to be some scientific evidence that Mozart in particular lends itself very well to improving mental performance
  3. Instrumental Music – Music with no vocals is great for studying, it doesn’t all have to be smooth jazz though. Many movie soundtracks have awesome instrumental music that will help you focus as you study.
  4. Nature Tracks – Well, technically not music, but they can help you relax and focus.
  5. Turn it Down – keep the music volume down so it doesn’t distract you from your studies
  6. Make a Playlist – not only will you like all the music, but if you keep it to about 45 minutes’ worth of music, you’ll know when it’s time to take a study break.
  7. Skip The Radio – The ads and DJ dialogue will distract you in between the tunes.
We hope these tips help you tune into your studies. If you need more help though, always remember that your academics team and student services teams are here to help you achieve all your educational goals. For more info on these and all of our great support teams please visit www.allenschool.edu.

How to Prepare For Your Future Nursing Assistant Career

A career as a nursing assistant is a rewarding one, but it takes some preparation to become a qualified, knowledgeable NA. To help you prepare for your future career as a nursing assistant, we’ve put together a few tips that will not only help you through your education but your careers well.

Learn as Much as Possible

Never stop learning. This adage is wise advice for both life and a career as a nursing assistant. You can never have too much knowledge.At the Allen School, we’ll help you prepare for your career. Some of the topics we include are:
  • Universal Precautions, Infection Control and Bloodborne Pathogens (OSHA)
  • How to communicate with patients and their families effectively
  • The aging patient and the psychological changes that take place in the elderly
  • Medical equipment and the use of medical devices
  • How to assist patients with their day-to-day activities
But there is so much more to learn, much of which can only be gained through the daily interaction with patients and other nursing staff. To be a good nursing assistant, you need to complete a well-designed nursing assistant course. To be an excellent nursing assistant, you need the day-to-day experience you can only get on the job.

Find a Mentor

The dictionary defines a mentor as someone with experience and that you trust for advice. Nothing can help you develop the skills necessary to be successful in this career path like a trusted mentor. After finishing our nursing assistant course and entering the workforce, find someone you trust that you can go to with those questions you are afraid to ask (and there will be quite a few).When you do find your mentor, listen to all their advice. They will be able to tell you things they wish someone had told them, and that advice is worth its weight in gold. They know tricks of the trade that can make your job much more comfortable and your interactions with your patients go much more smoothly.

Be Observant

You can learn quite a bit from watching what goes on around you, especially in as a medical professional. Observing how the nursing staff interacts with doctors and patients can teach you not only about medicine, but human nature as well.It’s important to remember that patients are people, and dealing with them as a human being instead of “that patient in bed two with diabetes” will help you build a rapport with them.Interested in a career as a nursing assistant? Contact the Allen School today for more information on financial aid and our three locations. Get started on your future career today! Image: (Monkey Business Images/shutterstock)


2018 Social Media Health Check

It is rare to find anyone out there today who is not active on some sort of social media. We post, share, tweet, and comment on everything from what was for dinner last night to major events going on in the world. It can be easy to forget sometimes that what gets posted on the internet can play a big part in your future career in the healthcare field.Pictures – This is an easy one. It may be tempting to post that great selfie in your new bikini. Or snapchat the epic tower of cans from your last party with the guys, but think before you post. While your friends may give you a hundred thumbs up, your future employer may give you a great big thumbs down.  As a general rule if you wouldn’t show the picture to your mother, or better yet your grandmother, it is probably best left off your social media.Jokes and Memes – Most employers are going to overlook the occasional off color joke, but take a look at your posts as a whole. Is there a theme or trend that may make them take a closer look? If you’re trying to get a job as a Medical Assistant and all of your memes are about how doctors treat their co-workers for example, this could be enough to get you over looked for a position.Language and Drama – Obviously crude language is going to throw up a red flag to a potential employer, as is major drama that is shared in such a public setting, but employers also look at how well you write in general. If you cannot spell or use proper grammar, you may not be the candidate they want notating their patient records.LinkedIn – Do you have one? Do you use it properly? Your account should be completely filled out and have an appropriate picture. Also consider joining groups on LinkedIn that interest you, they aren’t all business related. An active user on LinkedIn who contributes posts to groups presents a more professional appearance to employers.Security Settings – They are there to be used. It is usually wise to not share every single bit of your account with the entire world. Create friend groups for more personal posts (like the pictures mentioned above) and only post publically if there’s absolutely no question in your mind that the post won’t raise any questions to an employer. Wishing grandma a happy birthday makes a great public post, that bikini selfie mentioned above…. Not so much.Make Sure Your Story Matches – If you claim on LinkedIn that you’re employed full time at a great company and work really hard, don’t post on Facebook at 10am that you have just gotten a high score in Candy Crush. Either you are not employed where you say you are, or you are playing Candy Crush at work. An employer is going to give both these possibilities serious consideration as they are looking for job candidates.Have Social Media Accounts – Strange as it sounds your social media presence now makes up a big part of employers researching potential candidates. If you don’t exist at all on Social Media it can raise just as many questions as it does when you overshare. If social media just isn’t your thing, at the minimum make sure to establish a LinkedIn account that you update a few times a year.For better or worse social media is a major part of our society, and it does have an impact on both securing and keeping a job. The Career Services department at the Allen School of Health Sciences is here to help you gain every advantage you can as you start on the path to your new career in healthcare. If you are ready to be part of the Allen School Family give us a call today at 877-591-8753 or visit our website at www.allenschool.edu. #allenschoolsuccess