Saving Daylight for Busy Nursing Assistant Training Students

Yes, we spun the clock back an hour over this past weekend.  That’s why you’re reading this blog post after arriving to class an hour late (oops)!  But in all seriousness, the semi-annual ritual of monkeying with the linear nature of time known as “Daylight Saving Time”  (not daylight savings) as some mistakenly refer to it seems to please some and annoy others.

Wikipedia explains, “While the times of sunrise and sunset change at roughly equal rates as the seasons change, proponents of Daylight Saving Time argue that most people prefer a greater increase in daylight hours after the typical “nine-to-five” workday Supporters have also argued that DST decreases energy consumption by reducing the need for lighting and heating, but the actual effect on overall energy use is heavily disputed.”

However, whether or not the shift results in producing more daylight during daytime hours for you depends on you routine.  If you’re working the third shift as a nursing assistant, you likely aren’t seeing much daylight regardless and the whole “Fall back-Spring Forward” action seems more like an inconvenience than anything else.  Nevertheless, for your nursing assistant training student counterparts, still studying to earn certification, the extra hour of sunlight makes it more pleasant; providing a daylight morning commute for example.

The folks over at have built this nifty interactive graphic you can use to determine whether or not Daylight Saving is something that works for you or represents a pointless exercise.  Simply visit the link here, enter in your awakening time and bed time and see how much (or little) the clock shift impacts your exposure to daylight.  However, if you’re late for nursing assistant training class because you forgot to change the clock, maybe do it later.  Get to class!

Nursing Assistant Training to Enter Fascinating Field

Taking nursing assistant training courses not only prepares one to enter a lucrative and stable career, it also prepares one to enter a truly fascinating field.  The advances in medical science have come so fast and furiously for so long over the last century, that we’ve grown somewhat inured to the actual marvel of what is being accomplished.  Cures for diseases that killed billions over the course of history were eradicated in the 20th Century.  Polio, Smallpox, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Dyptheria and many others are now a thing of the past.  Organ transplants including heart, kidney, liver and even lungs have become commonplace.  In the early part of the 21st Century, the medical industry has even delivered face transplants and hand transplants.  It is a truly amazing time to be in this field, moving at the speed of innovation.

Today it was revealed that scientists at Stanford University are claiming to have isolated a cure for one of the diseases still killing thousands every year in a slow, and gruesome manner.  I am talking about Alzheimer’s disease which robs a person of their life’s memories while their brain slowly deteriorates and ultimately ceases to function at all.  This disease is almost more difficult for the families of those afflicted who must witness their loved one devolve daily as they can no longer remember their spouses, children, grandkids and friends.

According to, “Alzheimer’s is America’s sixth leading cause of death. 36 million people have Alzheimer’s worldwide, and only 1-in-4 have been diagnosed. 1-in-9 Americans over 65 have it, and 1-in-3 Americans over 85. 2-in-3 Alzheimer’s patients are women, and the disease is twice as likely in blacks and Hispanics. The human cost is incalculable; the financial cost is pretty staggering too, at over $220 billion annually in the United States alone.”

The Telegraph reports, “Researchers discovered that nerve cells die because cells which are supposed to clear the brain of bacteria, viruses and dangerous deposits, stop working. These cells, called ‘microglia’ function well when people are young, but when they age, a single protein called EP2 stops them operating efficiently. Now scientists have shown that blocking the protein allows the microglia to function normally again so they can hoover up the dangerous sticky amyloid-beta plaques which damage nerve cells in Alzheimer’s disease. The researchers found that, in mice, blocking EP2 with a drug reversed memory loss and myriad other Alzheimer’s-like features in the animals.”

Aren’t you proud to be studying nursing assistant training so as to become a member of the elite corps of people at the front line of science and healthcare?  If you’re not studying nursing assistant training, you may want to ask yourself if it is something that could be beneficial to you as a career option.

Today! Free Windows 10 Upgrade for Medical Billing Online Students

Free Windows 10 for Medical Billing Online StudentsAs we’ve been posting about over the last year or so, people whose computers currently run the widely hated Windows 8 or 8.1 operating system will be provided a free update starting today.  The update will replace Windows 8 with Microsoft’s latest and greatest, Windows 10 operating system.  Windows 10 is reported to correct all the things users hated about Windows 8 including the return of the “start button” among other features.

If history is any guide, Windows 10 should be a hit.  It seems like every other operating system release is widely embraced.  People loved Windows XP but hated Windows Vista which replaced XP.  They loved Windows 7 (which replaced the reviled Vista) but then hated Windows 8.  Microsoft, perhaps wishing to put more distance between Windows 8 and its new release, skipped the number 9 and went directly to Windows 10.

Along with Windows 10, Microsoft is releasing a new web browser as well.  Its operating name had been Project Spartan, but it is being released publicly as Microsoft Edge.  It is replacing the long running Internet Explorer which, although in use by more computers than any other browser, is largely recognized as an inferior offering (when compared against the much better Firefox and Google Chrome browsers).

All of this is relevant to those studying medical billing online with the Allen School.  After all, studying medical billing online means that one’s classroom is actually one’s computer.  And if you’ve recently purchased a new machine that came pre-loaded with Windows 8 (as this blogger has) you’re probably very anxious to get rid of it.  Starting today, you’re eligible to download Windows 10 for free, no strings attached.  In fact, chances are, your computer has already downloaded it as part of Microsoft’s regular system updates.  Here’s an article from Fortune with the details.  Happy computing online students!

Argument Pro or Con for Medical Coding Training Online

Medical Coding Classes OnlineWell, it has happened again this year, as it has in January every year since 2002, New York City’s annual “No Pants Subway Ride”.  For those uninitiated, this is a day wherein subway riders, men and women alike, can opt to ride mass transit without the benefit of pants or other bottom-covering clothing.

Depending on your particular disposition – single, married, kinky, straight-laced, bashful, uninhibited, conservative or liberal – you find this quirky annual skin fest either greatly amusing or repulsive.  Events like this which seem to happen with a good deal of regularity in the Big Apple, can also be used to judge whether or not you should take your medical coding training online or at the Allen School ground campus.

If you’re single, kinky, uninhibited and liberal, you may embrace the weirdness that exists daily on the subway as you travel to the ground school campus; enjoying all the libertine charms of humanity.  If you’re married, straight-laced, bashful and conservative, you’re probably relieved to study medical coding training online on days such as the annual No Pants Subway Ride.

It’s nice to know you have so many options when it comes to earning certification in a new career field with a bright and lucrative future.  If it makes you feel like shedding your pantaloons, all the more power to you! Here’s a link to a slideshow of this year’s event to help you determine if you prefer online or on-campus studies.  Enjoy!

Healthcare Training Schools Teach Compassion

CompassionUnless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of the rising tensions between the law enforcement community and those they are sworn to protect and serve.  Several high profile cases have recently ripped open a divide between these two groups.  Wherever you stand on the issue, there is one thing that is true.  Violence is NEVER, EVER the answer.

Healthcare training schools like the Allen School, prepare men and women to enter a field where they are often confronted with the mal-effects of violence in our society.  Gun shot wounds, beatings, attacks and all manner of other violent activity sends men and women, cop and criminal alike to seek treatment.  It is the job of the healthcare worker to treat them all without judgment.  That said, it is troubling that in our home town of New York City, where several of the latest deadly encounters have taken place, we’re seeing a deep, divisive distrust growing among us.  Fanned by those on both sides with a political axe to grind, these activities hold the potential to spin wildly out of control.

In this holiday season where we turn to thoughts of peace and love for all mankind, the Allen School Blog would like to suggest that everyone assume the posture of a healthcare professional and take a compassionate stance on this very charged conflict.  It is important for us all to remember, all lives matter.   The vast majority of law enforcement are good people, dedicated to a very difficult job.  At the same time, most people living in poverty and other desperate situations aren’t criminals.  They are simply seeking a way to get by without resorting to criminal activity.

Painting all cops with a broad brush is no less damaging than painting all those living in poverty – whether  Black, Hispanic, poor White or other – as thugs and criminals.  Let’s all try this Holiday season, to turn away from hatred, division, recriminations and violence and look upon one another as worthy of love, respect and goodness – just the way healthcare professionals look at their patients.  The world will be a better place for it in 2015 if we can halt the cycle of violence.

Don’t Forget to Vote Today Nursing Assistant Trainees

Election_buttonOK, well neither should medical assistant trainees nor medical billing and coding students forget to vote.  Really, anyone reading this blog post needs to know that today is Election Day here in the US and the mid-term elections include races for every seat in the US House of Representatives.  Here in New York, the Governor is up for re-election.

It is your quintessential right as an American to exercise your franchise and go to the polls to make your voice heard.  Local races for state assembly, judicial offices and many ballot initiatives may also be on your local ballot.  Here’s a great site for information on every race state wide in New York.  If you haven’t yet read up on the issues and candidates, here’s your chance to “cram” for the exam.

Whatever you do, make sure you get out and vote.  It is your civic duty as an American and hundreds of thousands have died to protect your right to do so.  Happy Election Day from your friends here at the Allen School Blog!

Epic Diversion from Healthcare Training School

simpEveryone knows studying to earn your nursing assistant certification or your degree in medical assisting requires a good deal of effort and work to accomplish.  After all, they’re not giving away excellent jobs with solid long-term prospects to any old untrained fool.  And speaking of untrained fools, America’s favorite untrained nuclear power plant safety officer, Homer Simpson is going to be on the FXX channel for two full weeks.

Yes, you overworked healthcare training school students, you heard it here first.  Beginning tomorrow, Thursday, the FXX channel will be running every, single Simpsons episode ever – back to back.  Being the longest running show on TV by a wide margin, this means Simpsons fans will be treated to two full weeks of round the clock Simpsons episodes which amounts to one heck of a tool for procrastination.

Now I am not advocating that any Allen School students drop off the grid for two weeks to audit them all. You do and you  may wind up as good at your medical industry job as Doctor Hibbert (or worse, Doctor Nick)!   hibbertHowever, I think all the hard work you’re doing has earned you some good, old fashioned, mindless Simpsons fun.  Also, just for fun, share your favorite Simpsons scene in the comments below.

Nurses Aide Skills Include Honoring Everyone’s 1st Nurse (Mom)

Those who elect to make a career of their desire to comfort and heal others by becoming certified nursing assistants share a trait with mothers everywhere.  That trait being a compassion and caring that really makes a difference to someone when they’re suffering with an illness or injury.  That is why it is important to pay respect to our moms (which should be done every day of the year) on Mother’s Day which is this coming Sunday in case you forgot.

Nurses aide skills are similar in many ways to the skills needed to be an effective momma, from having a caring demeanor with patients as a mom would with her children, to being knowledgeable about what to do in any circumstance related to abrasions, broken bones, fevers, bee stings and a whole laundry list of potential ailments, maladies and injuries.  In fact, in a lot of ways, moms are kind of like honorary certified nurse assistants.  Of course, unless they’ve completed nurses aide certification with Allen School, moms are not ready to enter this field as a profession.  However, any mothers who are interested in a new career vector might be attracted to this career, as they already have an inherent understanding of some of the skills required to be an effective CNA.

In any case, please don’t forget to do something extra special for your mom this Sunday and let her know how much you love her!  After all, you only have one mama!