Easy Grubbin’ Recipes For Medical Billing Online Students

One of the many benefits of studying medical billing online classes is dietary.  That is, without the daily commute, you’re far less likely to be pressed for time during a daily commute.  That means less opportunity to make a pit stop for unhealthy meals on the go.  As such, the Allen School Blog is kicking off a new series of posts called “Easy Grubbin'” which will feature simple to prepare, healthy recipes which medical billing online students can throw together quickly at home in between study sessions.

Today’s recipe – 2 ingredient pizza crust – is so awesome!  I made it myself recently because I was convinced it couldn’t possibly work.  Yet, just two foolproof and easy ingredients combine to make a very excellent, New York style, thin, crispy-crust pizza dough that can then be topped with a nearly limitless array of yummy toppings.


– Taken from The Slow Roasted Italian

1 CUP OF FAGE GREEK YOGURT (and brand of Greek yogurt works, but make sure it is ‘plain’ variety with no fruit or flavor added)


NOTE: If you can’t find self-rising flour, you can substitute 1 ½ cups all purpose flour, 1 ½ teaspoons of baking powder, and ¾ teaspoon of salt; add in with cup of Greek yogurt.

Mix ingredients in a bowl until it starts to come together and then knead it on a well-floured surface for about 8-10 minutes. Add in a little bit of flour at a time if the dough is too sticky. Form it into the pizza shape/size you want and then brush with olive, add toppings, and put straight into a 450°F oven for 10-12 minutes. I swear it works, don’t ask me why.  And, no, the dough doesn’t taste like yogurt, it tastes heavenly.

Top this impossibly easy dough with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and any other toppings you favor.  Share your results with other medical billing online students in the comments section of this post.

Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl Win and Medical Assistant Training

What does medical assistant training have in common with Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl win last night?  Glad you asked!

There was a lot of pregame debate over whether the young, explosive Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton would steam roll over the Denver Broncos and their aging quarterback Peyton Manning.  At age 39, Manning is one of the oldest quarterbacks to compete in the Super Bowl in NFL history.  Many football experts predicted the youthful energy and vigor of Newton’s offense would roll right over Manning’s Broncos.

What we saw instead was the limitations imposed by Newton’s youthful impetuousness and the value and benefits of experience demonstrated by Manning and his killer defense.  In the end, it was the seasoned expertise of the aging great that helped propel his team to victory.

For people considering a career change in their mid-life, such a change can seem daunting if not downright scary.  But those people should draw strength from their life experience and a perspective that younger folks simply cannot – by virtue of their tender years – fully comprehend.  Taking medical assistant training as a thirty- fourty- or fifty-something is a great way to make a dramatic career change.  Don’t confuse youth for vigor.  Experience is far more useful than anything else when it comes to success.  Take it from Peyton Manning.

Online Medical Billing Classes – An Easier Route to the Treasure

Indiana Jones wannabes would be inspired to read this interesting post on Gawker.com wherein a modern day treasure hunt was revealed.  According to Gawker, “A few years ago, Forrest Fenn, an art collector and antiques dealer in New Mexico, hid a treasure chest filled with $3 million in gold nuggets, ancient jade carvings, and other artifacts somewhere in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe. In 2010, he self-published a book of clues as to its location, in the form of a poem, and tens of thousands of people have gone looking for it since.”  Fenn, now 85 years old, reports that although more than an estimated 65,000 people have gone on the treasure hunt (including one man currently missing in his pursuit of it), the treasure is still out there.

In light of the fact that there is now a missing treasure hunter, Fenn has been pressed by some to assure that this is not just a hoax and that the treasure is real.  Gawker reports Fenn has affirmed the chest is real and not just a fanciful story.  “Some of the most wonderful things in the treasure are enormous gold nuggets the size of hen’s eggs, weighing more than a pound each, and worth several times their bullion value. He included things that would survive a long time, and that would be interesting and unusual. And the chest itself is quite rare; it’s a Romanesque lockbox from the 12th century, and with the gold and jewels inside, it weighs 42 pounds.”

Before you pack your pick axe, climbing gear, compass and trail mix, consider a more pragmatic route to discovering your financial freedom.  Sure, it won’t come in the form of a gold nugget the size of a hen’s egg or housed in a 12th century Romanesque lockbox, but a new career in medical billing and coding can provide you with a lifetime of gainful employment.  Better yet, online medical billing classes do not require one to risk their lives rappelling into deep ravines, fording mighty rivers of rushing whitewater, or sleeping in freezing temperatures hundreds of miles from civilization.  In fact, online medical billing classes can be taken from the warmth and comfort of your own living room or wherever you have a good internet connection.  And while you won’t be able to retire wealthy on day one, as a medical billing and coding specialist, you’ll have the security of knowing you’re in a job and a job field that is stable and that work in said field is available nearly anywhere in the country you may wish to settle.

So perhaps leave the treasure hunting to the Indiana Jones types, and focus instead on a slower, but more certain pathway to financial security and reward with online medical billing classes from the Allen School online!

WHO: Zika Virus Spreads in Americas – Nurse Assistant Trainees Be Aware

As always, we here at the Allen School Blog report on emerging public health concerns so that our nurse assistant trainees and other readers are well-apprised of situations as they come to the forefront.  The latest alert we’re issuing here comes via the World Health Organization.

The Zika virus is a particularly damaging pathogen which is being communicated via infected mosquito.  The WHO says that Zika is expected to spread to all countries in the Americas except Canada and Chile.  One of the most troubling effects of Zika is the birth defects the illness produces in the babies of pregnant women.  Zika is suspected of producing microcephaly in fetuses which results in babies born with abnormally small heads.  Once a very rare condition, the spread of Zika has resulted in a spike in the occurrences of microcephaly although WHO chief, Margaret Chan stressed that the link between Zika and microcephaly is not yet confirmed.

According to the WHO, “The virus is already present in 21 of the 55 countries and territories across the Americas, the WHO said in a statement Sunday. But it stressed that the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which carries Zika and also dengue and chikungunya viruses, is already present in all countries in the Americas besides Canada and Chile.”

As for symptoms and diagnosis, the virus in most infected people only means short-lived flu-like symptoms.  However, the WHO says it could be transmitted through blood and had been isolated in human semen meaning there may be a sexual transmission pathway for the pathogen.  In any case, it is important for nurse assistant trainees to know about the latest threats to public health and safety so that they can be as effective as possible in their roles.

Waterproof Your Shoes and Pack or Study Medical Billing Classes Online

Well, the northeast has survived the first snowstorm of 2016 and the city of New York is digging out from under 2 feet of snow and getting back to business.  For those of you who study with Allen School at the ground campuses, the following information may be very useful in helping to keep your shoes and personal belongings dry and waterproofed in the inclement weather.

The people at Yahoo! Makers have a simple, low-cost and effective way to waterproof canvas shoes and backpacks which only requires a simple wax candle and a hair dryer.  Click here for the easy to follow instructions on how to use these simple tools to keep your feet and school materials dry for your commute.

Or, if you’re still thinking about what course to study in pursuit of a better career in the medical field – one that is certain to remain in high demand – you might consider studying medical billing classes online with the Allen School.  This choice ensures you won’t have to worry about making sure your shoes are properly waterproofed since you’ll be able to stay in your slippers and sweats on days when the snow and rain come calling.  Studying medical billing classes online is a great way to conveniently earn a certification preparing you for a great career in the healthcare industry.

Nursing Assistant Certification is Easy Compared to…

There’s a reason people talk about easy things as “not being rocket science”.  Nothing worth achieving in life is ever easy.  That’s one of the ironies of life.  Training to achieve nursing assistant certification is no different.  It takes courage, hard work and determination to set yourself on a new career course toward greater financial security.  However, the challenge of earning nursing assistant certification should be kept in perspective, as there are plenty of things out there in the world, far more difficult to achieve.

For a good, timely, topical example, consider the challenges facing Elon Musk’s SpaceX agency which has been making attempt after attempt to change the nature of near-space travel.  Since NASA ceased Space Shuttle missions, Musk’s SpaceX organization has been working to develop a new generation of reusable space flight vehicles (as opposed to the costly, single-use rockets which NASA has reverted to using to boost satellites and other materials into orbit).  Their plan doesn’t use a “space plane” model like the shuttles used.  Instead, they have been trying to master the unimaginably complex practice of sending a rocket into space and then returning it to earth, landing, upright, upon a tiny platform in the middle of the sea.  Each attempt costs millions of dollars and they have not yet accomplished the goal.

The most recent attempt was the third such try and happened over last weekend.  The rocket delivered its payload into orbit after a successful launch and all but touched down on the open ocean pad before toppling over and exploding.  See this article in BGN News for the details.  Then consider that earning a nursing assistant certification doesn’t require a team of engineers working on complex telemetries, nor meteorologists to monitor global weather, nor hundreds of millions of dollars.  It just requires a dedicated person intent on bettering their circumstance by gaining training and education with the Allen School.  A wise man once said, “whether you think you can or cannot, you’re right!”

Gasoline @ $1 per Gallon – Medical Billing Online Students Shrug

USA Today reports this morning that warmer than average winter temps coupled with weakening demand for oil in China among other influences are pushing the cost of gasoline at the pumps down toward record lows.  In fact, the article linked here suggests the price for a gallon of regular unleaded may reach the $1.00 mark, a price not seen in the US since as far back as last century in 1999.  For those students taking medical assistant training and certified nurse assistant courses on Allen School ground campuses around the NY metro area, this is welcome news as it means the cost of commuting to and from classes is set to fall even lower.

However, for those enrolled in medical billing online classes with the Allen School, the good news is largely irrelevant.  After all, one of the key benefits of studying medical billing online with the Allen School is the absence of any commute for purposes of study.  That is, unless you count the commute from the bedroom to the living room or home-based office every day.  We all know that medical billing online classes are a great way to prepare for a good-paying job in a field all the experts agree should continue to exhibit strong growth in the next 10 years.  We also know that medical billing online classes offer unprecedented flexibility in terms of study times, perfect for those with lots of other obligations such as family duties, existing employment and such.

So while the price of fuel continues to bottom out, the low pump price still represents a cost that medical billing online students will continue to avoid completely.  And have no fear, it is almost a certainty that the price of fuel will not remain at these historic lows.  So when we begin to see the inevitable bounce back to higher per-gallon gasoline costs in the coming year, online students will be able to continue to be the focus of envy within the academic community at large!

Medical Assistant Training Better Odds Than $1.3bb Powerball Jackpot

Powerball fever has reached an, um, fever pitch, with no winner in last Saturday’s drawing.  This pushes the jackpot to a record $1.3 billion pool.  And while we’re all engaging in a bit of fanciful dreaming about how our lives would be if we were the lucky winner, the truth is less sexy and alluring.   The truth is, if you’re seeking a pathway to more money, greater financial autonomy, a wider array of employment opportunity, a better quality of life for your family and all the things that come with a higher income, the odds favor those who complete medical assistant training with the Allen School.

With the powerball, you have a 1 in 292 million chance of winning.  Compare that to the roughly 1 in 900,000 chance you’ll be struck by lightning in 2016 and you can see just how improbable a Powerball win truly is.   On the other hand, there is a much greater chance that, with a degree earned via medical assistant training with the Allen School, you’ll be able to land a good paying job in a growing field.

It may be fun to buy a ticket or two (buying 100 tickets does nothing to significantly increase your odds of winning) and then spend some time fantasizing about winters in Bali, summers in the Alps, etc.  But if you want a sure thing, embark on an exciting new career today as a medical office assistant.  It’s as close to a sure thing as you’ll find out there.

Don’t Be Forced to Upgrade to Windows 10 on your Medical Coding Online Training Computer

If you’re taking medical coding online training using a computer (and it would be difficult to do so without one) this message is for you.  If you received a new computer as a holiday gift, then you probably got a new machine pre-loaded with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10.  But if you’re using an older machine to take medical coding online training, it is very likely running the earlier versions of Windows – 7, 8 or 8.1.   If your machine runs any of these operating systems, you’re probably already getting nagging and increasingly aggressive messages from Windows urging you to accept a “free” upgrade to Windows 10.  It’s even possible your automatic Windows updater has already even downloaded the 6 GB installation file.

But if you are perfectly content running 7 or 8, there’s no reason why you should be forced to upgrade.  Especially because learning your way around a new operating system is not something you want to necessarily waste time with when you’re trying to focus on medical coding online training.  Now most will tell you that the Windows 10 upgrade is compulsory and that you must accept it sooner or later.  That’s not really true.  Microsoft is on record saying Windows 7 will be supported through 2020.  So how do you get them to stop pestering you to upgrade?

Read this handy article from ZDNet.com on How to Prevent Your PC From Upgrading to Windows 10. Let me state here that this blogger is not a hater of Windows 10.  We have a couple laptops running the new OS and it is a whole lot better than Windows 8 and 8.1.  However, most of our business machines run 7 and we love it.  So we’ll be following the ZDNet suggestions to protect ourselves from the forced update and you can too.