Common Medical Movie Mistakes

With great knowledge comes great responsibility, and with your great knowledge you are gaining every day at the Allen School you may find yourself cringing next time you turn on the TV and watch the latest medical drama that used to seem so awesome. In fact you may be wondering if there’s actually anyone consulting the show that has an actual medical background at all. Today let’s take a look at the top 5 medical errors that TV and Movie producers simply love using over and over again. 
  1. Applying a tourniquet – Every minor flesh wound on TV seems to require one, but most professionals agree this is no longer best practice. In fact it’s a skill many first aid classes no longer teach
  2. Freezing severed fingers – While keeping the missing piece cool and clean is advised, actually freezing a detached body part does far more harm than good.
  3. Giving Birth – TV makes it seem as if every birth is a near death experience, in reality most occur without incident and only 5% of cases involve any serious complications
  4. Declaring someone dead – It seems on TV anyone can call time of death and all it takes is a quick pulse check. In reality though only a doctor can call a death and after far more extensive testing.
  5. CPR – Almost nothing is correct when this procedure is depicted on the big screen. Which is why we offer all of our students proper CPR accreditation
While not every day at the Allen School may seem like a scene out of a movie we are here to help YOU start on a rewarding career in healthcare. So call us today or visit our website at to get started.

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