Experiential Interviews

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You’ve chosen a great new career path that can allow you to help others on a daily basis. You’ve spent many weeks learning and perfecting your clinical skills and now you have a potential employer who has offered you an interview…. an experiential interview. In short, while they may ask you some of the normal interview questions, they really want to know if you have the skills they need to serve their patients.It is not uncommon for a potential employer to ask you to work through a scenario that is common in their practice. This may include you demonstrating knowledge of a particular procedure they do on a regular basis, like giving injections in an allergy clinic or demonstrating the ability to work with a patient type, like children in a pediatric office.This can be intimidating but it’s important to keep a few things in mind. They simply want you to show that you have the basic ability to do these things; you don’t have to be perfect at it yet or do it “their way” They expect you to ask questions and to be open to corrections and suggestions. An employer may even want you to shadow other employees in their daily tasks before making you a job offer.Remember that these are all learning experiences and will add to your overall success. Take every opportunity to learn and hone your skills. Work with the Career Services department to go over any feedback you receive from potential employers. If it’s noted you need to work on a certain skill be sure to practice and ask our academics team for help in making your clinical skills stronger.Remember that the whole Allen School team is here to help you into your new career from day one and beyond. Your success is our success.

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