Staying healthy in winter blog
The first snow storm of the season and winter is approaching.   Cold wintery weather, exposed skin, and wet clothing are a recipe for a potential frostbite. Frostbite is when the skin freezes due to prolonged cold exposure.  The severity of the frostbite can range from tingling, numbness, and redness to deep tissue damage which is permanent. Measures that can help to prevent cold injury include:–Dressing in multiple layers of loose clothing helps to keep the skin warm.–Limiting the amount of time you are exposed to the cold.–Plan your travels with intermittent ‘warm spots’ to escape the cold.–Watch for the early signs of cold injury (tingling, numbness, pale skin) and seek shelter to warm up. If you have been exposed to cold for a prolonged time then seeking the advice of a trained physician is always advised. Happy Holiday Season and don’t forget to stay warm and protected!

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