Fun Medical Terms

Medical terminology may not be the most riveting class in the world, and in fact it can be a bit of a challenge, almost like learning a new language. That is until you realize there is a cool medical term for just about anything. Below are some of our favorites. 
  1. Borborygmi – All that rumbling and gurgling you hear your stomach make when you are hungry.
  1. Sternutate – To sneeze
  1. Diaphragmatic Flutter – Also known as those annoying little things called Hiccups.
  1. Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia – Ice cream Headache!
  1. Veisalgia – If you party a little bit too hard you may experience this. It comes from the Norwegian word kveis (“uneasiness following debauchery”) and the greek word for pain. Commonly known as a hangover.
 So while we don’t recommend calling into work and telling your boss you are suffering from veisalgia, we do recommend starting a great career in healthcare so you can use your medical terminology skills to help improve the lives of others every day. Be sure to visit our website at to learn more. Classes are enrolling now.

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