Job Search Tips for 2019

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The New Year is just begun, but it’s time to start thinking about YOUR new career in healthcare! Today we look at a few tips from Glass Door to start your 2019 job hunt off on a high note.

  1. Get Your Resume In Order – Update your resume and be sure to run it past your Career Services advisor to make sure everything is perfect.
  1. Get Your References Set – More importantly make sure they know they are being used as a reference. Don’t let an important phone call come as a surprise.
  1. Use Some Vacation Time – Not from class of course… but take time from your daily job if needed and invest in your new career.
  1. Polish Your Skills – Practice makes perfect. Research and answer interview questions and again speak to your career services advisor and set up a mock interview.
  1. Be Rested and Ready – Especially the day before an interview. Don’t let a late night ruin your chance at a new career.

To read more about these great 2019 tips for preparing for an interview please click here.

Follow these simple tips and you will feel more prepared and organized as you head into your interview. And as always if you have any career related questions reach out to your career services department at your campus. They can help you polish the skills you need that may help you start your new career in healthcare.

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