Apes Have Midlife Crises Too – But Cannot Start New Careers in Medical Billing

A study published recently in a respected scientific journal suggests that apes, like their human cousins, suffer from midlife crisis.  Of course, as this article about the study points out, apes cannot comfort their midlife crisis by purchasing a sports car or finding a new, younger trophy spouse.  We’d add to that observation that apes are also unable to find a new and exciting career path to help lift their spirits.  However, as a human, you can find a brand new and rewarding career path by studying medical billing and coding with the Allen School.  You can even study medical billing and coding online (which is another option not available to depressed apes). So, if you’re nearing midlife, and you’re feeling stuck or otherwise disenchanted with you life and career, consider embarking on a new path with help from Allen School.  The exciting world of medical billing and coding awaits!

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