Tips on Never Giving Up

J.K. Rowling, Lady Gaga & Jeff Bezos……..What do these three people have in common?  They never gave up on their dream. Their stories are about resilience in the face of rejection.So what do you do if you don’t get the job for which you have studied, prepared and interviewed for?  Keep on trying!  Never give up.  Learn from the experience!Here are some tips:
  1. Take the time to thank the person that interviewed you – send them a handwritten note. You never know if they may have a future opportunity available.  It is important to leave the door open.
  2. Ask them why you were not selected so you understand what adjustments to make in the future.
  3. Keep in mind that there are always subjective factors. You may have all the qualifications that the position requires but the company may have already selected someone else or there may be other people involved in the decision – all of which has nothing to do with you.
Stay confident, positive and resilient when trying to land your dream job. Remember, J.K. Rowling, author of Harry Potter was rejected by many publishers before becoming one of the most widely read authors in the world.  Lady Gaga, renowned singer, songwriter and actress was bullied in school and dropped by her first record label, Def Jam, after just 3 months. Jeff Bezos, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Amazon, was told by his former boss to take 48 hours to think about leaving his job before starting Amazon. Ready to start working towards a career you can love?Contact the Allen School today! We are enrolling now for our spring classes and cannot wait for you to become part of the Allen School family. Visit to learn more.-Allen School

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