Dr Ortega Medical Assistant Instructor

Carlos Ortega

Allen School is to me:

One of the most organized and pleasant places to work, which made me feel proud of been part of  it. 

My Academic/Medical Interests Include:

Primary Care (Family Medicine )Anatomy and PhysiologyMedical Administrative 

Some of the jobs I’ve had in my Lifetime:

Primary Care Doctor in Dominican RepublicAnatomy and Physiology   InstructorMedical AssistantCPR Instructor 

The best thing about being an Instructor is:

To be able to help other and change theirs life for a better future 

When I am not in the classroom or on campus where I can be found:

I can be found in my Home with my three kids or in the library. 

Movies I Can watch over and over:

A Beautiful Mind 

Favorite Show TV Show:

Grey’s Anatomy 

My Favorite Area Restaurant:

My wife `s cooking (Bayside, NY ) 

Coolest thing I ever done:


Place I have lived:

Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicBayside, Queens, USA.