Vermarie Petit-Frere Medical Assistant Instructor

Vermarie Petit-Frere

The Allen School is (to me): 

A reminder that hard work pays off, being a former student helps me to inspire the students that there is life after the Allen School.

My academic/medical interests are:  

Healthcare management, I am more intrigued by the business side of healthcare as opposed to the clinical side

Some of the jobs I have had in my lifetime include:  

Medical assistant, waitress, office manager, surgical coordinator, utilization review specialist

The best thing about being an instructor is: 

Being able to share my personal experiences with the students as far as the medical field is concerned and also being able to share the knowledge I’ve acquired in school and in the workplace

When I am not in the classroom or on campus I can be found: 

Planning a wedding, a party, or some type of get together for friends and family to come together and enjoy one another

Movies I can watch over and over: 

Sister Act 2 and Coming To America

Favorite TV shows: 

Say Yes to the Dress, Impractical Jokers, Friends, Martin

Websites I visit daily: 

Gmail, craigslist, ASOS, Forever 21

Favorite area restaurants: 

Cheesecake Factory, IHOP

Coolest things I have ever done: 

Disappeared for a whole weekend and was inaccessible to everyone including friends and family.

Places I have lived: 

Queens NY