20 Job Hunt Hacks for Medical Office Assistant Candidates

job search hacks for medical office assistants You’ve completed your course of study and earned a certification as a medical office assistant.  Now, you’re preparing yourself to hit the job hunt trail and you want to make sure you’ve gotten all your ducks in a row so as to put your best foot forward.  Perhaps it is your first time in the […] Read More

Medical Coding Online Students – Beware “Locky” Ransomware

online medical coding program students, avoid ransomware We always try to report on emerging threats to heavy users of computers and internet technology so that our medical coding online program students are well-informed and can avoid damaging and costly viruses and other online threats.  Since people taking medical coding online programs are, by definition, “netizens”, we are writing today to warn of […] Read More

Medical Billing Job Interview – One Thing to Always Bring

Medical Billing Job Interview: Bring Copies of your Resume Yes, you should always bring your best manners, your sense of professionalism, and even a series of thoughtful questions to ask the hiring manager to any interview for a medical billing job. However, according to career guru, Amanda Augustine, there’s one physical item you should never forget to bring with you.  Whether it is for […] Read More

Nurse Assistants, Pass On the Good News About Chocolate

nurse assistant training courses Part of the job for those who have completed nurse assistant training courses and gone on to land a job serving actual patients involves passing along medically relevant news.  With Valentine’s Day just yesterday and Easter on the horizon, we thought there could be no better time for the following information about the health benefits […] Read More

Easy Grubbin’ Recipes For Medical Billing Online Students

easy pizza recipe for medical billing classes online students One of the many benefits of studying medical billing online classes is dietary.  That is, without the daily commute, you’re far less likely to be pressed for time during a daily commute.  That means less opportunity to make a pit stop for unhealthy meals on the go.  As such, the Allen School Blog is kicking […] Read More

Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl Win and Medical Assistant Training

Medical Assistant Training What does medical assistant training have in common with Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl win last night?  Glad you asked! There was a lot of pregame debate over whether the young, explosive Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton would steam roll over the Denver Broncos and their aging quarterback Peyton Manning.  At age 39, Manning is one […] Read More

Online Medical Billing Classes – An Easier Route to the Treasure

Online medical billing classes are a treasure in their own right Indiana Jones wannabes would be inspired to read this interesting post on Gawker.com wherein a modern day treasure hunt was revealed.  According to Gawker, “A few years ago, Forrest Fenn, an art collector and antiques dealer in New Mexico, hid a treasure chest filled with $3 million in gold nuggets, ancient jade carvings, and other […] Read More

Millennials a Natural Match for Medical Assistant Training Courses

medical assistant training courses and millennials In an article published in Fortune magazine, David Cruickshank, global chairman of consulting firm Deloitte was quoted as saying, “While pay is important, it’s clear that millennials won’t stay with companies for money alone”.   By all accounts, the millennial generation worker – born between 1982 and 2004 – is characterized by a pronounced focus on […] Read More

WHO: Zika Virus Spreads in Americas – Nurse Assistant Trainees Be Aware

Zika Virus Alert for Nurse Assistant Trainees As always, we here at the Allen School Blog report on emerging public health concerns so that our nurse assistant trainees and other readers are well-apprised of situations as they come to the forefront.  The latest alert we’re issuing here comes via the World Health Organization. The Zika virus is a particularly damaging pathogen which […] Read More