Single Parents Returning to School in Phoenix, Arizona.

We’re really impressed when we hear about single parents in Phoenix returning to school on top of everything else, they have going on! Getting an education isn’t just important for you, it’s crucial for your kids, too. We often hear from single parents in school who are: Working full-time and going to school during the […] Read More

Successful Medical Assistant Internships in Phoenix, Arizona:

As an internship student in Phoenix Arizona, you are expected to use the knowledge you’ve gained from your training program, at the medical facility site that you are placed. An internship is the hands-on learning portion of your education, so you’ll get to learn additional skills here, as well as improve the ones you’ve learned […] Read More

Different types of Medical Assistants in the Phoenix, Arizona Area

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing and in-demand industries in Arizona, which makes now the perfect time to begin a career as a Medical Assistant! There are several types of MAs, all of which are vitally important to the healthcare teams they are a part of. An MA works alongside physicians and other healthcare providers to assist with patient […] Read More

How Can a Medical Assistant Advance Their Career in Phoenix, Arizona?

Gaining experience, becoming proficient in skills, and widening your medical knowledge base are all tools you’ll need to advance in your career as a Medical Assistant in Arizona. You may decide to aim for a management job, work in a competitive area of medicine or go into teaching. No matter your goals for career advancement […] Read More

Medical Assisting at the Allen School of Health Sciences Arizona Campus: A Career to go Places!

The American Association of Medical Assistants describes a Medical Assistant as someone who works alongside doctors, usually in a clinical or office setting ( Though the description may seem similar to that of a nurse, there are some key differences. A Medical Assistant commonly handles tasks such as checking vital signs and showing patients to […] Read More

Holiday Gift Ideas for The Medical Assistant Student in Your Life

1. Personalized Stethoscope When you think of a Medical Assistant, what are the first things that comes to mind? Scrubs, a clinic and … a stethoscope! The stethoscope is an iconic gift, and there’s no doubt your MA student will be using one; so why not get it personalized? Personalization ensures no one else will […] Read More

Personality Traits a Medical Assistant Will Need in the Workplace.

As a Medical Assistant, you are an important and versatile member of the healthcare team. While performing a variety of clinical and administrative duties, Medical Assistants are in constant communication with patients, doctors, and nurses. This is a career where you can bring your personality to work! Put Your People Skills to Work: Medical Assistants […] Read More