What Are Some of the Challenges of Being a Medical Assistant?

Working in the healthcare field can be emotionally and physically challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and satisfying! While you decide on a new career, why not learn more about the role of a Medical Assistant? Challenges of Being a Medical Assistant: A Medical Assistant is a healthcare team member that can work […] Read More

Can I Learn How to Do an EKG at the Allen School of Health Sciences?

The Allen School of Health Sciences teaches EKG in a 50-hour theory and clinical based lab class as part of our Medical Assistant program curriculum. Electrocardiograms are diagnostic tests used to examine heart function. Once done only in hospitals, most EKGs can now be performed in doctor’s offices by a trained Medical Assistant. It’s a […] Read More

Can I Learn Phlebotomy at the Allen School of Health Sciences?

Medical testing is often required to diagnose a patient. One of the most common tests performed by a Medical Assistant is a blood test. Blood tests can check for a wide range of conditions such as thyroid disorders, complete blood count totals, liver function, and kidney function. In some cases, a condition isn’t necessarily seen […] Read More

What to wear to a Medical Assistant interview

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression, and at job interviews, first impressions are vitally important. In just an hour, employers will get an idea of who you are, what your work ethic is, and whether you’ll fit their team, and it all comes down to how you carry yourself, and how […] Read More

How to manage stress as a Medical Assistant!

How to manage stress as a Medical Assistant! Stress at any job is inevitable. In healthcare, you could come across all sorts of stressful situations. For instance, you may encounter a person who has a severe disease, or disability. You may deal with patients coming from diverse cultures or work with new technology; have a […] Read More

What is a Medical Assistant?

A Medical Assistant is a healthcare team member that can work both the front office as well as the back office of any medical clinic. From electronic health records to injections and blood draws, Medical Assistants (MA) are invaluable to a successful medical clinic. A Medical Assistant, or MA, is someone who aids doctors, typically […] Read More

Allen School of Health Sciences: Benefits of a Blended Healthcare Program

1. Blended learning programs provide a safer learning environment At the Allen School of Health Sciences, we have students complete much of their coursework at home. Only requiring in-person attendance a few times per week creates a learning environment to keep staff and students safe. With fewer students on campus at a time, the Allen […] Read More

Why Medical Assistants love their jobs

Why Medical Assistants love their jobs Most people who want to work in the healthcare field likely aspire to become doctors or nurses. However, Medical Assisting is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the United States. The Medical Assistant career path offers many of the same benefits as other healthcare professions, in addition to perks […] Read More

Tips for Single Parents returning to School

We’re really impressed when we hear about single parents returning to school on top of everything else, they’re doing! Getting an education isn’t just important for you, it’s crucial for your kids, too. It was not easy, but this is the goal of many single parents.  We often hear from single parents in school who […] Read More