Characteristics of the Ideal Nursing Assistant

If your passion is helping others, a career as a nursing assistant could be for you. Nursing assistants play an important role in caring for others in a hospital, surgery center, physician practice, rehabilitation facility and/or assisted living facility. Those considering pursuing their education as a nursing assistant at the Allen School of Health Sciences […] Read More

We Stand With Belgium

belgium-flag It is getting to be too frequently that we’re compelled to write posts such as this one.  As an organization that trains people to be care givers, healers and enablers of the healing process, we’re highly attuned to human suffering.  We all wish nothing more than to provide comfort to all those afflicted and to […] Read More

What Did Your Parents Do, Nursing Assistant Trainees?

nursing assistant training “Like father like son” says the old maxim.  But how much truth is there to this idea?  Is there any correlation between the career roles selected by people and the types of work their parents did?  How many Allen School students taking nursing assistant training had a mother or father who worked in the medical […] Read More

Medical Office Assistant, Know Your Cloud Productivity Tools

medical office assistant productivity suite Medical office assistants are heavily involved in the effective, efficient administration of the medical office.  Like any other administrative career role, a medical office assistant will certainly need to be able to manipulate the productivity software tools in use in office environments around the world.  If you don’t know what a productivity suite is, it […] Read More

Proving Nursing Assistant Training Means Job Security

So you’re considering taking some nursing assistant training to begin a new career, but you’re concerned about the availability of jobs for certified nursing assistants?  We’d like to put any concerns you may have to rest.  The video below, courtesy of shows dozens of stupid people doing even stupider things that surely wound them […] Read More

Nurse Assistant Trainees, Enjoy a Taste of Summer in NYC (in March)

nurse assistant training - take a break and enjoy the warmth You’re busy studying away all winter long to earn your certification through nurse assistant training with the Allen School.  Typically, this time of the year would be perfect to stay all tucked away in a warm classroom, out of the elements and filling your head with the knowledge you’ll need for your exciting new career […] Read More

Faster WiFi Tips for Medical Billing Online Classes

faster wifi for medical billing online classes Taking medical billing online classes with the Allen School?  Chances are you’ve got a sweet internet set up at your home enabling you to study in any room of your home; wherever you’re most comfortable throughout the day.  At the heart of your system is the wireless router that beams sweet internet signal to all […] Read More

Leaving a Medical Coding Job? Don’t Neglect to Give Notice!

Give notice when leaving a medical coding job One of the best things about studying medical coding online with the Allen School is the fact that, upon completion of the course, you immediately gain access to a very robust medical coding job market.  There are available positions in medical billing and coding across every state in the union.  So regardless of where you […] Read More

15 Habits for Nursing Assistant Training Students to Avoid

bad habits for nursing assistant training students to avoid If you’re a younger person in your 20s or 30s working on gaining a certification through nursing assistant training, you may engaging in some youthful behaviors that, while useful now, will become burdensome as you grow older.  When we’re young and in our education and career building years, we tend to feel a bit invincible.  […] Read More

Job Scoping: The Future of Medical Assistants

With an estimated job growth of 23 percent to 2024, the medical assistant field is a growing and thriving one. Medical assistants are an important part of a healthcare team and work in physician practices, hospitals and additional healthcare facilities. At the Allen School of Health Sciences, many students each year choose to pursue their […] Read More