A Post NOT for Online Medical Billing Program Students

We frequently post stories about neat technologies and other interesting items that underscore the benefits of studying online medical billing classes with the Allen School. From stories about the latest computer system upgrades to avoiding commuting during miserable winter weather, many of our posts underscore the good reasons to be on online medical billing program […] Read More

Cautionary Tale for the Medical Assistant Training Candidate

So you’re taking medical assistant training in preparation for a job in a field where compassionate care-giving is the name of the game.  You selected medical assistant training because you’re a naturally nurturing person who derives great satisfaction from helping others and offering comfort to the afflicted.  However, just as in any other career, after […] Read More

You’re Never Too Young/Old to Achieve

Maybe you’re about to turn 50 and have been downsized from your lifelong career in a disappearing industry.  Or maybe you’re just out of high school, like the subject of this incredible article about a 17 year old who invented a radical and brilliant new medical product. Consider young Joe Landolina, the 22 year-old who […] Read More

Update on the Windows 10 Update for Medical Coding Online Students

Using your computer to study medical coding online with Allen School is most definitely an exceptional convenience.  However, if your machine is running Window 8, you may be among the many users who harbor a particularly strong distaste for the operating system.  And you’re not alone.  Windows 8 is nearly universally disliked by users due […] Read More

4 Foods to Boost Effective Study for Medical Billing Classes Online

So, you need to make a shake comprised of blueberries, sea bass, kale and olive oil and guzzle it down.  Just kidding.  But if you’re studying medical billing classes online, you may wish to consider the following information. Want to operate at peak mental efficiency?  Want to optimize your study time, even if your hectic […] Read More

One (Bad) Way to Land Your Dream Job

Shortcuts in life rarely if ever pay off for those who try to use them.  Circumventing the trials and tribulations involved in achieving anything worthwhile is a dangerous game that can lead to lots of unintended consequences.  Take for example the case of a company called Career Excuse.  The company provides its customers with glowing […] Read More

Need Extra Time Before Accepting a New Nurse Assistant Job?

One of the best things about studying to earn nurse assistant certification is the job opportunities that open up once you’ve earned your diploma.  You’ll find there are plenty of job availabilities and you’ll hone your skills at resumes, interviews and the like.  You may even find yourself in the enviable position of having one […] Read More

Traffic Law Myths Debunked – Reason #298 to Study Medical Billing Online

We’ve probably all heard the following pieces of conventional wisdom regarding traffic laws and their enforcement: “If the officer who writes your speeding ticket doesn’t show up to court, your ticket gets dismissed.” “Cops write more speeding tickets toward the end of each month to make the quotas for ticket-writing they face on the job.” […] Read More

News for Medical Assistants: Lyme Disease Cases Spiking

In an important piece of healthcare news in the Northeast (which is where many of our medical assistant trainees study, live and ultimately enter the workforce) was released this spring.  Centers for Disease Control and other agencies warn that as the warm weather arrives, the Northeast could see a record spike in Lyme Disease cases. […] Read More