Eat This Before Medical Assistant Studies Exams

brainfood Its a well-known medical fact that different foods have positive or negative impacts on cognitive abilities.  According to nutritionists, these are the best kinds of foods and drinks to consume before taking exams that tax your thought processes.  Medical assistant studies can be rigorous and demanding of one’s brain power.  So here are some things […] Read More

Job Interview Torpedoes for Nursing Assistant Training Grads

interview do's for nursing assistant trainees So you’ve completed nursing assistant training at the Allen School and you’re about to set out to land a new job in an exciting field.  Or perhaps you’re long past having completed nursing assistant training and have already worked in a few places.  Either way, there are things you should know how to avoid if […] Read More

How Market Leaders Got their Names

medical billing and coding classes online Do you know how market leading technology organizations like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Apple, Samsung and others got their names?  Just like the Allen School Online for medical billing and coding classes online, the reasons behind some of these well-known brand names are often interesting stories. Apple got its name because Steve Jobs liked apples and […] Read More

News Medical Office Assistant Training Can Use

Medical office assitant training You want to be as well-versed as you can be on current events emanating from the medical field if you’re to be a successful medical office assistant.  Even if you’re still taking your medical office assistant training, it pays to keep one eye on the health and wellness headlines.  This way, you’ll be knowledgeable about […] Read More

Career Tips for Certified Nursing Assistants

exit interview for certified nursing assistants You’re bound to hold a number of positions as certified nursing assistants are in great demand.  Over the course of your career, you’re likely to change employers multiple times.  And as with almost everything else one can do in the world, there is a right way and a wrong way to leave a job.  If […] Read More

Secret Windows 10 Features for Medical Billing Online Students

Windows-10 for online medical coding Well, its official.  Over the weekend, Microsoft updated my operating system from Windows 7 which I loved and didn’t want to change to Windows 10 which I did not want or authorize.  But this is the world we live in and I guess I have to accept a forced upgrade or spend who knows how […] Read More

Characteristics of the Ideal Nursing Assistant

If your passion is helping others, a career as a nursing assistant could be for you. Nursing assistants play an important role in caring for others in a hospital, surgery center, physician practice, rehabilitation facility and/or assisted living facility. Those considering pursuing their education as a nursing assistant at the Allen School of Health Sciences […] Read More

We Stand With Belgium

belgium-flag It is getting to be too frequently that we’re compelled to write posts such as this one.  As an organization that trains people to be care givers, healers and enablers of the healing process, we’re highly attuned to human suffering.  We all wish nothing more than to provide comfort to all those afflicted and to […] Read More

What Did Your Parents Do, Nursing Assistant Trainees?

nursing assistant training “Like father like son” says the old maxim.  But how much truth is there to this idea?  Is there any correlation between the career roles selected by people and the types of work their parents did?  How many Allen School students taking nursing assistant training had a mother or father who worked in the medical […] Read More

Medical Office Assistant, Know Your Cloud Productivity Tools

medical office assistant productivity suite Medical office assistants are heavily involved in the effective, efficient administration of the medical office.  Like any other administrative career role, a medical office assistant will certainly need to be able to manipulate the productivity software tools in use in office environments around the world.  If you don’t know what a productivity suite is, it […] Read More