11 Flu Shot Myths a CNA or Medical Office Assistant Should Know

There are a lot of myths patients will lean on when explaining why they aren’t planning to get an annual flu shot.  As a certified nurse assistant or medical office assistant, you’ll likely hear them all over the years you work in a doctor’s office or hospital.  I must admit that I, myself have used a couple of these in my cowardly efforts to avoid my annual meeting with the needle.  Now, you may think it wimpy of me (and others like me) who would rather risk suffering with influenza than get pricked with a small subcutaneous injection (and you’d be right).  But in reality, almost everyone is better off getting the shot if they can.  So, the facts needed to shoot down each of these persistent myths will come in handy for the CNA or medical office assistant. Some of the common myths include, “the flu shot isn’t needed every year” and “flu shots are only for the elderly or immune-compromised”.  You’ll also come up against, “I’ve already had the flu, so I don’t need the shot” and “the flu shot can give you the flu”.  For the arguments to pop these myths and many other “anti-flu shot” myths, read the article, Flu Shots Myths Busted by Lylah Alfonse.

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