Positively Impact Patients’ Lives Daily

When you work as a medical assistant, you’ll constantly have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others. You’ll come into contact with a diverse range of patients, and be given a chance to make their day better.

Depending on the path you take, you can face a variety of scenarios with the patients you encounter.

No matter where your healthcare career may take you, you’ll be one of the lucky professionals that spend your working days changing the world for the better. Whether it’s giving a nervous patient a reassuring smile, providing personalized care to a patient you know well, or simply being a comforting presence while the doctor conducts an exam, you will fulfill an important role for many people.



The Benefits of Choosing a Career in the Healthcare Industry

While many healthcare professionals choose medical careers because they want to help others, there are many other benefits as well. If you choose to work in the medical field, you can look forward to a fulfilling profession.

Healthcare jobs in Phoenix and New York, where The Allen School campuses are located, have continued to expand at a steady rate, providing a wealth of opportunities for new graduates. As the population increases, so does the need for healthcare providers and facilities, so it makes sense that demand for medical assistants will only continue to grow.

Although there are many industries in which workers have to be concerned about the possibility of being replaced by artificial intelligence or automation, the healthcare field is certainly not one of them. Highly-trained people will also be a necessity to the medical field, making it impossible ever to substitute you and your fellow professionals with a machine.

Finally, deciding to work as a medical assistant means that you’ll have an array of professional opportunities open to you. Many healthcare facilities, including hospitals, local clinics, long-term care facilities, physicians’ offices, and more, employ medical assistants.

You’ll have the ability to choose a professional path that suits your individual interests and passions, paving the way for a lifelong career that you truly love and enjoy.


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If you’re interested in learning more about healthcare careers and how to become a medical assistant, the friendly staff at The Allen School are happy to help. Submit your application and begin working towards the medical career of your dreams today.

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The Allen School of Health Sciences helps motivated students achieve their career dreams. Our program is especially designed to help you get started in some of the fastest-growing areas of healthcare today. Jobs in these fields are expected to expand rapidly for many years to come.

Medical Assistant

The duty of a medical assistant is to work directly under a physician or other healthcare provider. They can work in many healthcare environments, from hospitals to small private practices. They are responsible for a variety of clinical and administrative tasks, making them an indispensable part of the team. Specifically, they often perform basic tests and take patient medical histories.


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The faculty and staff at The Allen School understand that academic success is important to your future career. From your first day of class to your first job placement, we are here to help you.

We make it easy for our students to access the assets they need at every stage in their academic and career development. This is reflected in our three convenient campuses that help students build classes around their busy schedule.

Our wide range of financial aid options make it easier to get the education you’ve always wanted. Our financial aid counselors will be glad to discuss your needs and work with you to develop a financial aid plan that really works.

The Allen School of Health Sciences has a distinguished history of producing well-prepared healthcare professionals dating back to 1961. To find out more or get started, contact us today.

awesome school!!!! From the first day they make you feel part of their family. I really recommend this school not only because it has the best teachers but also made everyone feel included regardless of learning their learning capacity. I couldn't choose a better school to become a medical assistant. Thank you Allen school!!!
Miriam Menera
Miriam Menera
A recommended school for all seeking a future career in the medical field. All staff on duty are amazing are family originated. Your a being part of everything and not just another student. Amazing school
alyx morris
alyx morris
This medical assistant program was everything I wanted out of a school and my education. Growing up in Hawai’i and the culture there it has become an instinct to seek out anything that feels like a community. I graduated at the beginning of February of this year and after completing 11 weeks of externship here is what I have learned: Any other MAs I work with are extraordinary at their jobs; personable, professional, HIPAA compliant, OSHA compliant, etc. They are wonderful MAs all in their own way but what I feel is profoundly different from them, their education, and the one I have gotten is knowing my scope of practice. It’s become apparent that many MAs like to be directed on what to do and when to do it for their patients, and that’s amazing, however, it is well within our scope of practice to ask questions, to advocate on our patients behalf, and to educate our patients on, not only their rights, but their medical care. My coworkers often ask me WHY I am always going to the providers and asking if a certain treatment will benefit our patient.. well, because I was given the confidence and the knowledge to know that, while I may not suggest or recommend any treatment to a patient, I CAN ask a provider if something different will help our patient. Sometimes they tell me no and every time they have it has been another opportunity to learn. In the often times they do take my inquiries under consideration, more often than not, I find that the treatment/patient care has benefited our patient 1. Because it makes them feel and let’s them know we are all in with them. 2. They are the ones who are actually in control when we’re in a room together. And 3. They just need to be reminded that simple fixes don’t always exist and it’s okay to ask/research what may work for them.It is because of The Allen School that I am not the kind of medical assistant who applies my medical knowledge to my patient.. instead, I apply every patient, their symptoms, their history, and their experiences, to my medical knowledge and build from there.Being in the medical field (especially working in womens health) is what I was born to do. Allen School and my instructors fueled my passion more everyday. I can only hope to represent them to the best of my ability and to continue being the medical assistant I would wish for every single one of my loved ones to have. Allen school is not easy, no one should attend expecting to float through the program without being challenged.. this program cultivates wonderful and highly sought after MAs for a reason. What I will say is, the education you choose could make a difference in how you care for someone’s loved one, you have to ask yourself.. do you want the best education or not? Would you want the MA you have caring for you to be as educated and prepared as they possibly can be? Allen School isn’t perfect.. but you will leave there knowledgeable, you will leave there prepared for your externship, and you will leave knowing you can return to a community that will be there for you.I would like to add that Tara Evans, the externship advisor/coordinator is an absolute god-send. She, too, was born for her position and her passion for Human Resources and matching an MA to the specialty they feel their heart is called to is unmatched. And Dr. Hunt, both an instructor and the director of the school, absolutely will call on you to show up, everyday, as the best version of yourself and.. she will always require that you can defend your knowledge.If you are not sure if this school is a good fit for you, you can tour the campus and ask the student advisor any/all questions you may have. You can come by and meet instructors and see the students in their class-setting.It was the best decision I have ever made for myself but more importantly for my current and future patients.
Exciting educational experience!!! Each professor and each member of staff is dedicated to the students and helping create reliable, empathetic, and prepared medical assistants. Now that I am now working as a medical assistant, I have realized that Allen School has prepared me for the medical world. I am able to offer my patient’s great care because of the mentorship and preparation I have received at Allen School!
leila lebrazi
leila lebrazi
My name is Myriam Toussaint, i completed the MA program at the Allen School Jamaica campus, i just want to thank the whole staff here for all their support. I am 53 years old, i had not been in school since my mid-20s, i was a little intimidated being in class with young people old enough to be my children, it was not an easy road to finish this course but i stuck it through, with the help of the school encouraging me the whole duration of the course. The school director Dr. Chelsic was most helpful in helping me gain the courage to see it through to the end. I am very proud of myself and my accomplishments, this is my first degree since my GED, im looking forward to a bright future with my new degree, i thank God, my family and the Allen School for everithing.
Marie, M T
Marie, M T