A Teich Family Tradition

Allen School for Physicians’ Aides (the original name of the institution) was first incorporated in December, 1961 for the purpose of providing residents of the Jamaica, Queen’s area with a quality professional institution offering Allied Health Programs. The first graduating class was in June, 1962. Loretta Teich, purchased the institution on January 31st, 1980. Mrs. Teich owned an employment agency and found that applicants were not properly prepared for careers and lacked the appropriate skills necessary to enter the workforce. She decided to explore the possibility of being involved in skills based training to enhance the ability level of the applicants with whom her agency serviced. The Allen School was purchased. Training and career service assistance within the institution became a full time profession for Mrs. Teich and the employment agency was sold. One of the initial focuses was to help students and teach them the skills necessary to enter the profession of a Nursing Assistant.


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During the initial growth of the institution, Robert Teich, son of Mrs. Loretta Teich began to learn the business and work closely with his mother. Robert’s vision along with his mother’s guidance enabled management to decide to expand the Allen School of Health Sciences program to downtown Brooklyn, NY where a second campus was opened. Initially, the institution offered only the Nursing Assistant program. As a result of the additional space and opportunities afforded to the institution, a Medical Office Assistant program was started in February, 1999 and subsequently converted to a shorter Medical Assistant program in 2001. Since the program inception for over 20 years, the Allen School of Health Sciences Medical Assistant Program has enabled the school to become one of New York’s Leaders in Health Science education. Now a third generation family owned institution, the Allen School of Health Sciences has graduated thousands students.


Loretta Teich

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