Registered Medical Assistant Program In Jamaica/Queens

The Allen School of Health Sciences is Ready to Welcome You

If you’ve been contemplating your next move in life, the Allen School of Health Sciences can assist you in becoming a successful Medical Assistant. Not only will you learn from experienced faculty, but you’ll also get the opportunity to gain hands-on training during an internship. For over 60 years, The Allen School of Health Sciences has assisted and trained thousands of people for their new careers in health care. Throughout the program, you will connect with students and faculty who will support you every step of your journey and prepare you for a successful career.

Medical Assistant Program FAQs

We will now explore some most frequently asked questions from potential candidates and students at our Jamaica, Queens, and Phoenix campuses.

What Does It Take To Become A Medical Assistant In Jamaica/Queens, New York?

A passion for helping others and improving their health and well-being, hard work, dedication, and a desire to learn are all attributes that will enable a student to succeed.

What Classes Will I Take In The Jamaica/Queens Medical Assistant Program?

Because medical assistants fulfill numerous roles across a wide range of healthcare facilities, your training with Allen School will be equally broad. This is necessary to ensure students have the foundations to apply their education in the most frequently needed capacities while being prepared to branch out into different sub-fields according to each student’s unique interests. Coursework, lectures, and learning resources have been carefully honed for improved knowledge retention while remaining a stimulating but reasonable challenge that keeps students happily engaged. After their studies, many Allen School graduates find the pace and rhythm of their courses match the exhilarating and rewarding challenges that await them in the workforce.

What Skills Can I Expect To Learn From The Jamaica/Queens Campus Program?

Allen School’s Medical Assistant program provides students with the skills needed to perform services at hospitals, community clinics, doctor’s offices, and various specialty practices. We also place an emphasis on hands-on training that will bring students into live, professional settings to apply their skills. Specific skills learned include working with patients needing routine checkups and providing more involved and attentive services for those suffering from a disease. Allen School students are able to tailor-fit their training to specific career paths. Thus, you can customize your entire experience with elective credits on top of the required core fundamental courses.

How Likely Am I To Get Hired In Jamaica/Queens After Graduation?

Medical assistants are currently in high demand in the US healthcare industry. Many medical facilities, including hospitals and private practices, need medical assistants to streamline operations.

Learn More About the Medical Assistants Program

Our Jamaica/Queens campus is conveniently located and easily accessible, enabling students to commute from various parts of the city. At the Allen School, experienced instructors offer a blend of classroom instruction and hands-on training to guide you toward your educational goals. After completing your program, you’ll be equipped to begin your career in healthcare. Start your career with The Allen School of Health Sciences’s medical assistant and nursing assistant programs.

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