8 Red Flags to Avoid on Your CNA CV

No, it’s not alphabet soup.  If you’re a CNA (certified nursing assistant) who’s recently completed CNA training with the Allen School, you’re probably at the point of distributing your CV (curriculum vitae or resume`) to potential employers.  Looking for a new job is challenging enough.  So do yourself a favor and avoid some of the common errors people make on their CV’s which cause hiring authorities to look past your candidacy. Again, US News and World Report is handy with this article about 8 deadly CV sins.  Here’s the list of 8 red flags, but I recommend reading the whole article here.
  1. A history of job hopping
  2. Grammar/spelling errors
  3. Bad writing
  4. Overly aggrandizing self descriptions
  5. Lack of evidence of achievement
  6. No overarching theme to career choices
  7. Lack of professionalism
  8. Large gaps in between jobs

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