Medical Assistants, CNA’s, Medical Billers, Coders, Do What You Are!

Over at Lifehacker, they have a post up that provides some terrific words to live by.  Rather than seeking a career that lets you “do what you love” as the old axiom goes, Penelope Trunk from Brazen Careerist urges that we “do what we are” instead.  What does this mean for you?  While there are certainly those of you for whom being a certified nursing assistant or medical office assistant represents your true passion, there are surely many more for whom these fields simply represent a solid employment opportunity.  But, according to the Lifehacker’s Melanie Pinola , you needn’t seek a career in an area that drives your creative passion.  Instead, she recommends looking for gainful employment in areas that match your strengths and natural tendencies.  If you’re someone who is detail oriented, possessed of a nurturing demeanor, someone good with people, someone who wants their work to make a difference, then you’re probably a great candidate for medical office training, CNA training program or medical billing and coding training through the Allen School.  Click here to read the brilliant article in its entirety. 

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