Achieving in Spite of Any Obstacle – Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

This time of year, the New Year fast upon us, I often turn my thoughts to the struggles and challenges facing all of us, but particularly those facing my fellow man in other parts of the world.  Not to diminish the very real and daunting hardships we face here in the USA, but it is true that conditions are far worse for many in other parts of this world.  That is why I was so heartened by the story shown in this video below.  It is of impoverished children in Paraguay, South America, who live in a landfill, and yet, cobble together musical instruments and form an orchestra to play Mozart and other classics.  Go ahead and watch the video, then come back and read below for how it relates to studying to earn a certified nursing assistant credential.  Go ahead, I’ll wait. So here’s the connection to you if you’re goal is to take CNA training and improve your employment possibilities.  Or maybe you’re already enrolled at Allen School studying our Certified Nursing Assistant course.  The point is, it may be an enormous hardship to find the time and the money to make this effort.  It may seem like you just cannot meet the challenge.  You may worry about your ability to sustain your way through to the end.  But consider these children, living in a landfill, building their own violins and cellos out of trash and recyclables.  No matter what your current financial or living situation looks like, you’ve already surpassed their standard of living by a very wide margin.  Yet, these kids do not let their circumstances dictate a suspension of their dreams.  They aspire to be classical musicians and they make it happen through sheer force of will (and the assistance of some very caring, music-loving people).  Point is, you can overcome what obstacles may lay between you and a better job, a better life as a certified nursing assistant with a future.  Remember the words of Oscar Wilde, “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”.  

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