You Can Become a Certified Nursing Assistant (she did!)

You may be feeling like changing careers is difficult to do.  Especially if you’re making the change after having trained for and worked for some time in another field.  You may feel like it is an insurmountable challenge to attain a certified nursing assistant degree.  Perhaps you’re unfamiliar with computers.  Or maybe you’re not confident in your ability to internalize medical terminology.  Whatever your doubts and fears, know this: YOU CAN DO IT. I recently blogged elsewhere about a scene from a favorite movie of mine – “The Edge”. Stranded in the wilderness with Alec Baldwin’s character, with no tools or weapons but a pocket knife, Hopkins’ character decides he is going to kill the grizzly bear stalking them both and with an appetite for human flesh. Baldwin is dubious it can be done. Hopkins – having just explained that early man killed bear without benefit of modern weapons, using only hand-hewn spears – demands Baldwin verbalize – over and over – the very accurate perception that “What one man can do, another can do!”  Here’s the scene for you to check out: When you’re letting insecurity get the best of you as you deliberate taking the next step in your career (like enrolling to earn your Nursing Assistant Certificate), just think of this scene and understand that many others have taken the path you’re about to take.  And many others have succeeded to do what you’re considering doing.  What one man (or woman) can do, another can do.  Sure as can be.

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