Certified Nursing Assistant, Heal thy Cell Phone

CNA Sick PhoneYes, the cell phone has become an invaluable tool for work as much as for play.  Certified nursing assistants are as prone as any other career worker to rely on their cell phone for business apps, productivity apps and other functionalities offered by today’s powerful, hand-held computers.  So perhaps none of us should be surprised to learn that the evil geniuses of the nerd community have begun producing viruses that infect cell phone operating systems.  Just like the viruses that damage our desktop computers and destroy productivity, these new cell phone viruses can render your cell phone nearly inoperable.  But, there are steps you can take to protect your devices from the malicious code of evil hackers. Yahoo! News’s Colm Byrne writes a great piece on how to stop the mobile virus in its tracks.  Nursing assistants ought to read up on how to treat the personal assistants in their pockets or pocketbooks.  An ounce of prevention, AMIRITE?

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