Certified Medical Assistants, Get Your Sleep!

Today (and tonight) is National Sleep Day.  National Sleep Day is a holiday designed to illustrate the incredible value of getting enough sleep each night and raising awareness regarding the very negative consequences of not sleeping enough.  For those chronically sleep-deprived, there are many negative consequences to consider such as the increased risk of stroke, poor eating choices, depressed immune system response, anxiety, and others.  The article linked here mentions how surgeons’ success rates seem to decline in conjunction with the levels of sleep they get.  This is critical because nurses and certified medical assistants are also in very important roles where patient health and well-being hang in the balance.  It is part of providing superior service as a medical assistant to be sure that you’re well-rested and at the top of your game.  Allen School of Health Sciences can provide you with top-notch certified medical assistant training, but it is up to you to protect your ability to perform your job at the highest level by getting the appropriate amount of sleep each night. Article updated December 12, 2023

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