So What Did You Earn at Your Last Nursing Assistant Job?

Whether they’re simply trying to determine if your salary expectations are in line with what the position offers, or if they’re trying to determine how much less you’re willing to work for, it is commonly believed that whomever answers the “salary” question first loses money. If, as an Allen School graduate, you’re moving up through the work world and moving from good certified medical assistant positions to great ones, it’s almost a certainty that a hiring manager is going to ask you about your salary at your last position.  If you answer and the new position was prepared to pay more than you say you were earning, the employer will be more than happy to save the difference.  So how does one deflect this question until the time is right to answer it? The folks over at USNews had a great piece sharing the tips and tricks to emerging from this dicey part of the interview process unscathed.  Read it here.  And best of luck in your upward move through the ranks as a nursing assistant in the job market.

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