Affordable Medical Assistant Courses in NY and AZ

The Allen School Blog always keeps an eye out for stories of people doing amazing things in healthcare with very few resources.  Like the story we published about a Nigerian clinic operator who built an operable centrifuge out of a bicycle, or the doctoral student who developed a surgical suction device that could be manufactured and sold for a mere $3, today’s story offers the same spirit of frugal medical achievement. Affordable nursing assistant coursesAccording to this story from ABC News, “Manu Prakash, a professor at Stanford University, and his students have developed a microscope out of a flat sheet of paper, a watch battery, LED, and optical units that when folded together, much like origami, creates a functional instrument with the resolution of 800 nanometers – basically magnifying an object up to 2,000 times.”  This amazing idea and the ones referenced above prove that it doesn’t take a fortune to produce things that will help advance the cause of medicine and aid millions of people for decades to come. Of course, the Allen School is also proof of that axiom. The certified medical assistant course is eminently affordable and produces hundreds of certified nursing assistants every year. Certified nursing assistants who go out into their communities and, over the course of their lifetimes in this compelling career, provide comfort, aid suffering and help thousands upon thousands of people to reach better states of health and wellness. Contact us today to get your career as a medical assistant started at our New York and Phoenix campuses.   Article updated March 15, 2024

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