7 Ways to Blow the Nursing Assistant Job Interview

7 ways to blow the nursing assistant job interviewGetting your nursing assistant certification with the Allen School prepares you to enter into an exciting field with plenty of opportunity in every corner of the USA.  Yet, nursing assistant education may not fully include the information you need to perform well in the job interview process.  Aside from the placement assistance offered by Allen School to nursing assistant graduates, there are many insider secrets known by those who have successfully landed jobs in this field and in others. Alison Green at US News and World Report published a great list of 7 mistakes many people make when preparing for a job interview.  Putting forth the effort to land an interview is difficult.  Don’t torpedo your chances before you even sit down in the hiring manager’s office.  Here is a synopsis of the list of 7 ways to blow the nursing assistant job interview.  However, I strongly suggest you read the whole article here for details. 1. Not researching the company 2. Not looking up your interviewers on LinkedIn 3. Not checking to see if you have any connections in common 4. Not practicing your answer to common interview questions 5. Not figuring out how you’ll talk about the topics that most worry you 6. Not preparing to talk about salary 7. Not coming up with your own questions for your interviewer  

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