Is Medical Assistant the Best Job through the Next Decade?

I am not in the habit of repeating things fools say.  But in this case I think I will have to make an exception.  That is, I am happy to republish this piece originally printed at the website of the Motley Fool ( which is a well-respected site for investment advice.  In the piece linked here, “fool” Patrick Morris lays out the jobs with the best prospects for the next ten years in terms of availability, stability and pay.

Not surprisingly, the perennial favorite for lists like this – registered nurse – made the top of the list.  True to form, several other medical/healthcare industry careers made the list as well, a testament to the demand for workers experienced by a nation with a rapidly aging population.  Also not surprisingly, nursing assistant was included on the list. 

Studying to become a certified nurse assistant is a very logical and low-risk/high-reward proposition.  As the Baby Boomer generation continues to retire at a rate of several dozen per minute for the next ten years or so, there will be no shortage of patients seeking help for a multitude of ailments and illnesses associated with aging.  If you’re holding a nursing assistant certificate, you’ll be well situated to be fully, gainfully employed.  If you’re thinking about a new career, you should definitely consider the Allen School for nursing assistant training.

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