Nursing Assistant Training is Tax Deductible

Medical and Nursing Assistant Tax SuggestionsSo, I was absorbed in my tax filing process using the TurboTax tax preparation software (no endorsement implied, it’s just what I use) when the words “Certified Medical Assistant Class” jumped off the computer screen at me.  While I write about certified nursing assistant training regularly, I wasn’t expecting to see it in my tax software.  But there it was. It was a question from another user asking the user support community if certified nursing assistant courses could be listed as deductions on her tax return.  The support representative had responded with the relevant link to the IRS publication that covers this question.  Sure enough, it revealed that the kind of studies you can engage at Allen School, from certified nurse assistant courses to medical assistant certification to medical billing and coding online, were all eligible deductions.  Now, I am not a tax expert by any stretch of the imagination.  And I don’t recommend taking these deductions without first making sure they are proper for you given your personal tax situation.  But it does seem probable that you can take this deduction.  Check with your tax preparer first or read the IRS information very carefully to make sure you qualify. Good luck getting your taxes done and may your refund check be a fat one!

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