Cancer Reaches Global Pandemic Proportions (More Medical Assistants Needed)

cancer pandemic means more nursing assistants neededMedical assistant schools should expect to continue to be in high demand if it’s true what the World Health Organization (WHO) is reporting.  According to a report from CNN, the WHO has been sounding the alarm that cancer is approaching global pandemic proportions with almost 1 in every 8 deaths worldwide attributable to the disease.  Whether it is colon cancer in men, cervical cancer in women, or lung cancer among smokers, cancer is on the rise as more countries become industrialized and adopt Western lifestyles. While this is truly ghastly news, it should be noted that one of the byproducts of this spreading disease is an ongoing, high demand for people with nursing assistant education and all other types of healthcare-related workers.  While many of the steps people can take to minimize their cancer risk (like quitting smoking and increasing physical activity) are not something a certified nurse assistant can influence directly, there are other things that require the direct involvement of a medical assistant.  For example, vaccinations.  Women can get vaccinated against HPV virus which is a precursor to cervical cancer. In any case, the silver lining in this troubling story is particularly bright for those taking medical assistant training with the Allen School.   Article updated November 2023

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