Hands-on Healthcare Training Internships

At the Allen School of Health Sciences, when we talk about providing you a hands-on healthcare training experience, we mean it! All of our campus students are required to perform internship duties at a medical facility or office before graduation. Not only is it an excellent chance to put what you’ve learned in the classroom to work, it’s also a great way to form lasting relationships with potential employers. In fact, many medical organizations hire the students that intern with them.

Whether it’s as a Medical Assistant or Nursing Assistant, your internship experience is the most effective way to learn and prepare to begin your career in your chosen field.

We Can Help You Land That First Internship

Our Career Services department is committed to helping every student find an internship that’s just the right fit. Before placing you, we take into consideration the required hours, your skill sets, strengths, and the culture and location. We then work closely with the potential employer to ensure it’s an ideal situation for you and them.

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For more than 60 years we have formed strong relationships with reputable employers near our campuses and throughout the nation. They know that the interns from the Allen School of Health Sciences have a solid foundation of knowledge and the hands-on skills base to become potential employees.

Choose From Our Accredited Medical Programs

We offer Medical Assistant and Nursing Assistant training programs.