Certified Nurse Assistants, Know Your Enemy

The enemy of all those called to serve in the medical industry is disease.  The pathogens, viruses and bacteria that cause a multitude of discomforts for humanity are an ever present danger, lurking about, waiting to inflict suffering on unsuspecting patients.  Working on your nurse assistant certificate requires a lot of study and attention to the myriad details involved in the treatment of this multitude of ailments. Just like the ancient Chinese warrior Sun Tzu said, it is wise to keep one’s friends close, but one’s enemies closer.  When your enemies are microscopic pathogens, it can be hard to even visualize what you’re fighting against.  This is why we found it particularly interesting to look at these amazing photographs of some of the world’s most dangerous diseases, taken through the lens of a powerful microscope.  The actual structures of cancer, HIV and others are counter-intuitively beautiful despite the fact that they lead to so much pain, suffering and even death.  But a good certified nurse assistant course like the one at Allen School, prepares students for the many surprises they will encounter during a lifelong career as a certified nurse assistant

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