CNA: A Job Making the World a BETTER Place

Certified Nursing Assistant JobsBlake Ellis over at CNN Money published a somewhat sad article called, “Jobs That Make the World a Worse Place“.  You can read it here. In the piece, Ellis discusses a survey put out by wherein workers in all industries were surveyed about the way they felt about their jobs and whether what they did had a positive, negative or any effect on the world around them.  Not surprisingly, folks working in fast food service, telemarketing, bartending and casino gaming dealers were among those most likely to report that their jobs made the world a worse place.  Now, its not news to anyone that helping people indulge in vices like drinking and gambling has a downside to society at large.  Neither can anyone feel much positivity for the annoying telemarketer (who always seems to call just as I sit down to supper).  I find it somewhat endearing that the fast food worker worries about his/her role in propagating unhealthy lifestyles and and obesity epidemic.  The certified nursing assistant on the other hand, is someone who can be proud of the impact their labor has on the world.  CNAs help doctors and nurses to heal the sick and tend to the infirm.  Certified nursing assistants provide succor and comfort to people when they need it most.  There is something very altruistic and inherently good about the work.  And the CNA can even offer some comfort to those in fast food service and bartenders.  After all, the work these people do often results in increased business for the medical industry and thus, greater job security for the certified nursing assistant.  So next time you’re at McDonald’s or your local pub, don’t forget to thank your server!

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