CNAs, Medical Office Assistants and Billing & Coding Pros Love Their Bosses

OK, well, I have no evidence to support that assertion.  However, I do have a report that lists the top 20 jobs where workers hate their boss.  Now, if you read this blog regularly, you know that I never miss a chance to share stories topics like “Top 5 Jobs poised for growth” and “Top 3 Jobs for High Worker Satisfaction”.  Of all these articles I have shared over the past few years, none has offered more than 10 examples of anything.  So it is interesting to see this list with not 5, not 10, not 15, but 20 jobs where workers reported hating their boss. If you’re a certified nursing assistant, a medical office assistant or a medical billing and coding professional, you likely work with some very caring people, motivated by a desire to help ease the suffering of the sick and infirm.  No I cannot rule out the occasional imperious or obnoxious employer (lord knows they exist in nearly every field).  But it would seem that of all the many career paths one may consider, being a CNA, medical billing & coding pro or medical office assistant will land you in an employment scenario that won’t leave you seething with rage at the boss day in and day out.

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