A Dragonfruit a Day Keeps the Doctor (and the CNA) Away

The days are getting distinctly shorter, and an autumnal chill is in the air at night.  Yes, it is still summer and the days are sweltering.  But as I was munching on a delicious bowl of sweet bing cherries last night, I realized that the summer is rapidly fading; and along with it, affordable and easy access to the profusion of sweet summer fruits.  Yes, you can still buy plums, pluots, nectarines, cherries, watermelons and the like in the wintertime too.  But those fruits are picked early and shipped from the Southern hemisphere and other more remote tropical locales.  By the time they make it into the supermarkets here in the Northeast, they are soft and much of the flavor (never mind the nutrients) has been lost. Certified nursing assistants, along with doctors and others in the medical profession regularly point to nutrition as a cause of poor health in many patients.  Sadly, many Americans consume a diet not rich enough in fresh fruits and vegetables.  For some it is also a matter of economics because fresh fruits and veggies are often more costly than less healthy processed alternatives.  Moreover, they are perishable and not as easy to store.  This is exactly why now, in the heart of summer, it makes the most sense to consume as much yummy fresh fruit as you can when prices are at their lowest and most produce is coming from local sources.  Over at the Huffington Post, they published a slideshow of the top 24 superfruits which are known to help boost immunities and overall good health.  Have a look at the list and then go to your local grocer and buy some fresh superfruits.  Remember it doesn’t have to be an apple a day to keep the doctor or CNA away.  It can also be a dragonfruit!

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