Drugs for Anxiety Outweigh All Else – Why CNA’s Should Take Time Off

If you’re studying to become a certified nursing assistant, or a medical office assistant, or even a medical billing and coding specialist, you’re headed toward a fast paced and sometimes stressful career.  Americans spend more time at work than any other country.  For those in stressful jobs, this can lead to some pretty unpleasant health effects.  It is perhaps partly the reason that today, more prescriptions are written for anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs than for drugs to combat ailments like high blood pressure and cholesterol. Timi Gustafson is a registered dietician and health counselor.  She recently posted an essay about the importance of taking enough time off from work and its impact on overall health and productivity.  Just because a CNA or medical office assistant may find employment in fast-paced or pressurized medical environments, doesn’t mean they have to suffer from stress or anxiety any more so than any other job field.  Accounting, hospitality work, teaching and really, any other profession is just as prone to stress and overload as certified nursing assisting or medical billing and coding.  It is important to maintain a proper life-work balance to avoid health problems related to stress.  So take some time out whenever you feel you are burning out and avoid some pretty nasty consequences.

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