Anniph Bollers Medical Assistant Instructor

Anniph Peterkin

The Allen School is (to me): 

Having the opportunity to help people further their career by teaching the necessary skills that are needed in order to care for residents and patients sufficiently

My academic/medical interests are:

Some of the jobs I have had in my lifetime include:  

Sales Representative and Nursing Assistant

The best thing about being an instructor is: 

The “Oooh” look on students faces when they finally get a concept.

When I am not in the classroom or on campus I can be found: 

At home

Movies I can watch over and over: 

Pretty Woman

Favorite TV shows: 

The Property Brothers and Pioneer Woman

Websites I visit daily: 

Bloomingdales, Gucci, RueLA, QVC, Sacks

Favorite area restaurants: 

Red Lobster and Apple Bees

Coolest things I have ever done: 

Motorcycle Riding

Places I have lived: 

Brooklyn and Jamaica WI