Dr. Choudhury Medical Assistant Instructor

Dr. Choudhury

The Allen School is:

My life, my heart, my love and institution of hope

My academic/medical interests include:

Hematology, phlebotomy, blood chemistry, urinalysis, ekg, pharmacology, examination & treatment, surgery, obgyn, pathology and medicine.

Some of the jobs I have had in my lifetime include:

Manager and pathologist’s assistant in Shiel medical laboratory brooklyn, accessioning department in American health laboratory queens, medical officer Niramoy poly clinic Sylhet Bangladesh and Surgery & obgyn in MAG Osmani medical college hospital Sylhet Bangladesh.

The best thing about being an instructor is:

Sharing my knowledge with the students and motivating them to learn about health sciences.

When I am not in the classroom or on campus I can be found:


Movies I can watch over and over:

Three idiots, The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite TV shows:

Voice, X-factor, America’s got talent

Websites I visit daily:


Favorite area restaurants:


Coolest thing I have ever done:

Made contact with the tiger back home.

Places I have lived:

Sylhet Bangladesh, Bronx, Queens.