Dr Rahman Medical Assistant Instructor

Dr. Sultana Rahman

The Allen School is to me:

One of the best institutes of its time.

My academic/medical interests include: Learning new medical innovations. Some of the jobs I have had in my lifetime include: Physician in a renowned hospital in Bangladesh; medical assistant in the United States; and medical instructor. The best thing about being an instructor is: Giving the right training and skill to the students who pursue medical assistant careers.

When I am not in the classroom or on campus I can be found:

At home with my family.

Movies I can watch over and over:

Pretty Woman, Outbreak, and John Q.

Favorite TV show:

Greys Anatomy

Websites I visit daily:

Blackboard, Medscape, and YouTube

Favorite area restaurants:

Olive Garden, Sagar Chinese, and Subway.

Coolest thing I have ever done:

visited Niagara Falls in the middle of winter.

Places I have lived:

Bangladesh, Buffalo, NYC