Vivian Koistinen faculty bio

Vivian Koistinen

The Allen School is to Me:

The Allen School is the place where I as an instructor can share my knowledge as a health care professional and educator with students who are eager to enter the medical field.

My Academic/Medical Interests Are:

My academic interests revolve around the medical field as well as business administration.

Some of the jobs I have had in my lifetime include:

·         Food Service ·         Dental Assistant ·         Dental Office Manager ·         Dental Assisting Instructor ·         Dental Assisting Corporate Manager ·         Curriculum Developer ·         Director of Training and Development

The best thing about being an instructor is:

Being a facilitator of learning and reaping the reward of seeing students succeed in their new profession.

When I am not in the classroom or on campus I can be found:

Spending time with my family including eight grandchildren.

Movies I can watch over and over:

·         It’s a Wonderful Life ·         Miracle on 34th Street ·         Remember the Titans ·         Blind Side ·         The Sound of Music

Favorite TV shows are:

·         Movies on Hallmark Channel ·         Army Wives ·         NCICS ·         Miami Vice

Websites I visit daily include:

· · ·

Favorite area restaurants:

·         Chevys ·         Claim Jumpers ·         Wildflower Bread Company

Coolest thing I have ever done:

·         Coached Junior Olympic Development Archery

Places I have lived:

·         Texas ·         Washington ·         North Carolina ·         Georgia ·         Germany ·         Arizona