Be Grateful O Medical Office Assistants & CNAs

Unemployment OfficeYes, it is getting better out there, but slowly.  Unemployment is slowly ticking downward, but it remains high and there are some fields where full employment levels may never fully recover.  This is why you should be grateful if you’re enrolled at the Allen School to study their certified nursing assistant training program or their medical office assistant training program.  For both these career paths, indeed all the careers in the medical/healthcare field are expected to continue to exhibit growth over the next ten years. Considering the difficulty so many Americans are having finding employment, and the lengths of time so many are unemployed, it is a blessing to be in a field not impacted in this way.  Reading the latest in a series of “Unemployment Stories” over at gossip site,, I was struck by the fact that none of the story-tellers were in a medical or related field.  There were non-profit workers, information technology (IT) workers, actors, office workers, but no unemployed medical office assistants; no unemployed CNAs.  Reading these stories (click here if you’d like to read them yourself) made me think about how grateful you all should be if you had the foresight to select career training at the Allen School.

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