Independence is a Beautiful Thing for Nursing Assistants

us_flag-1920x1080With the nation’s Independence Day festivities behind us, I thought today would be a great day to examine the ways a nursing assistant certification from Allen School enables a greater level of independence among those who complete their studies and embark on a new career as a certified nursing assistant. Geographical Independence With certified nursing assistants in high demand across the entire country, earning your certification is like printing an all-access travel pass for yourself.  Always wanted to live in the Pacific Northwest?  Perhaps you favor the warmer climates of the South or the painted desertscapes of the Southwest.  With your certification in hand, you can move to pretty much any corner of the country and hook up with gainful employment quickly. Financial Independence A job in the medical industry such as a nursing assistant role boasts far greater earning power than jobs in retail, service industries and many others.  This is why so many people of all ages decide to leave the long hours and low pay behind to pursue a career in health sciences.  Wouldn’t you enjoy the greater financial freedom that comes with a solid career trajectory and a bigger paycheck? Emotional Independence It is human nature to aspire to more.  For many people working in dead end careers, the feeling of being trapped in their own life can be a debilitating and self-esteem destroying experience.  Sometimes, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees when mired in this kind of self-doubt.  And with bills to pay and other obligations, turning the page and engaging in a new course of study for a new career can seem overwhelming.  Yet, if you ask any graduate of the Allen School who took the brave steps to become nursing assistants, they will all confirm that it is totally worth the effort and the risk involved. So this Independence Day, take stock in yourself and make the decision to liberate yourself from the confines of your current life.  A new, liberated life awaits!

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